Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Game 2 vs Goblins

 Josh has been running his goblins for quite a while now, slowly whipping them into shape. He's had a few losses (haven't we all) but is becoming very proficient with his army. We've only managed a couple of game so far and was keen to see howthe ogres would fare vs his goblin hordes with their annoying chaff regiments. 

Reinforcements- more chariots

I decided to mix things up with terrain and see what differneve a river would make. 

The mission was Salt the Earth. I protected my right flank with my boomer charitos and aimed to take the objectves on the left. josh must have had similar ideas as his goblins mass vs my left.

Josh doesn't muck around putting pressure on my left flank with mawpups and the winggit. The winggit is my favourite mantic model. 

A better view. on the right the warrior regiment is engaged by goblin rabble while jst to the left of them the troll bruier and the beserker brave exchange cooking tips. Who said beserkers and brusiers don't have a sensitive side?

The siege breakers and ogre warrior chariots punch though whatever was in frnt of them. Patton once said something aoubt ig noring flanks, so we did. The banggit didn't seem to mind. I hoped to punch clear through the lines but it wasn't too be. 

Fighting continues on the right and Manny is running amok ably supported by a regiment of boomers. 

By ignoring the mawpups on the flank i've given them free reign to do as they please- which usually involves eating ogres.

Things are looking up on the right flank. 

Release the hounds...er pups. Mincer mob in the front, pups in the side. The siege breakers are in trouble as are the chariots being flansk charged by trolls. 

Manny to the rescue?

Not if Josh has anything to say aobut it- the ogres  apprear isolated, surrounded and running  out of options. 

Manny combines with the boomes vs the mincer mob.

the chariots hang on vs the trolls, Manny and boomers chip away but the mawpups and goblin blasters are about to destory my final unit of siege breakers. 

Now you see them...

And now you don't. 

the goblins take it 4-1. 

A really good game and I took lots away from it. As I had always suspected, don't send your heavy hitters in to get bogged by chaffy rabble units and so leaving them exposed to charges by nastry trolls etc.. the exploding trolls unit sucks as do blasters. Which reminds me, concetrate your shooting vs threats such as these. I was guilty of a pepper pot approiach this game and probably spread myslef too wide and so disapated my firepower. 

Finally, to hell with patton. This game is all aobut flanlks, so protect the bloody things. Seriously though, Josh played well, he uses his chaff units really well and combined units nicely to overwhelm my toughrer untis.

Josh played well and was the deserved winner.

Now I'm off to plot the goblins downfall...


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