Saturday, October 24, 2020

Dragon Rampant- Dwarves and Elves vs Easterlings

I drove up up Chrsitchurch today for a game of Dragon Rampant vs Ian. Our biggest game to date, 2x 36 point commands per side.

Easterlings- Command A

·       1x Easterling General (Elite Foot)

·       2x  Heavy Infantry          (Heavy foot)

·       2x Spears           (Heavy foot)

·       2x  Archers         (Light Missiles)

Command B

1x Easterling General (Elite Riders)

2x Easterling Cavalry      (Heavy Riders)

2x Easterling light cavalry            (Light Riders)

4x Dunlending allies       (Bellicose foot)


Ian ran


·       3x archers-  

·       2x elite foot

·       1x elite foot + wizardling


Dwarves (defending the hold)

·       1x elite foot

·       3x Heavy foot

·       2x Ents (greater warbeasts)

Ian had set up a table and come up with a fun scenario which made for a tactically interesting game. Half the dwarf force were defending their mine/stronghold, capturing the fortress would be 5 glory points for the Easterlings. The rest of the dwarf army would arrive as reinforcements;  the elven host sent to relief their dwarven comrades would arrive from the opposite long table edge.

The game would end when one side or the other was down to a total of 8 units left on table.

The two Easterling commands would arrive from the two sides. Each unit needed to move onto the table.

The dwarven hold- one of Ian's new peices of terrain. Friggin awesome!

Dwarves and Ents arrive on turn 1 to relvie the hold. 

2 units of Easterling infantry and some light cavalry are the only things that arrive on turn one for the Easterlings. 

Turn 2 more cavalry arrives. 

A view from the battlements in the hold

Ents move forward to engage the Easterling infantry- the two units of ents (warbeasts) were both bloody tough!


On the Easterling left flank the cavalry learned to hit the ents before they hit them! 

Eventually the ents were vanquished but not before one unit of medium cavalry units was destroyed in the process. 

Most of the game ended up a swirling melee to control the top of the hill

After about 10 turns the Dunlendings finally arrived on table- having stopped for an extended tea break, bellicose foot? My arse!

Easterling spearmen dend the hill from the dwarves. 

The dwarf general plants his stnadard atop the hill. None shall pass!

End game, the dwarves have all but been slaughtered on the hill, only the general and one unit i the stornghold are elft but alas, too little too late. 

The dwarves breath a sigh of relief

final reuslt, with glory quests was 7-3 to the dwarf/elf alliance- hainvg destoryed 9 units for the loss of 8 + completing both of their quests. 

A really entertaining and fiun game and even at 72points per die the game flows well. It was a fun scenario that Ian cmae up with and resulted in a very interesting tactial game, wth my Easterlings trying to block the elven reinforcements while they Dwarves sallied out to take battle to the Easterlings. 

Ian has been making some very cool terrain for his Middle Earth games. 


Not a good shot but the mine goes though the mountain. 

The coolest mountains I've seen on a table in a long time, really adds the dimension of height to the table, cleverly done too. 



  1. A marvellous looking Middle Earth game. Lovely figures and terrain.
    Regards, James

  2. Thanks James. Ian has been very busy creating some magnificant terrain of late, and nice to get the figures out for a game on such a nice looking table. The scenario he came up with was lots of fun too as it added some real tactical decision making to the game

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