Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Kings of War- Huns vs Germans

Kent and I had a quick game of KoW this evening, the game sure plays fast.

I ran my Huns and German allies vs his Carthaginian/German mix. The game ended up being a bit one sided die to the amount of shooting I could muster and Kent's lack of missile fire response. Even so, I enjoyed the speed, firepower and maneuverability of the huns and would like to use them some more vs late Roman style armies. They sure packed a punch both with missile fire an also in melee combat and were fun to use (at last).

Kent's latest figures,a stunning horde of Germans. Would love to see even more of these guys. Pretty sure they are all Foundry figures and to his typcial high standard. The multibase is fantastic! 

The armies deploy- we played the invade mission so the goal was to get as many troops on the opposing side of the board as possible. I spread my hunnic cavalry out across the board.

Kent's forces were pretty infantry heavy.
 Turn 1 my cavalry already zipping round the flanks.

In the centre to the two hordes close in on each other

My light cavalry have just destroyed Kent's light horse troops leaving mewith full mobility on my right flank.

Kent's spearmen destroy my skirmishers

My skirmishers hold up the Germans...briefly. In my turn my own warriors charge but on't casue anywhere near enough wounds.

 Then Kent counter charges and the elephant hits the warriors form the flank- they have now taken 24 hits and so rout. 

My Hunnic Cavalry mop up the spears.

The Hun general take on the elephant.

Kent returns the favour but the general survives and then runs away to live another day. 

A fun game but Kent really lacked options vs the firepower and mobility of the Hun cavalry. It was a fast and brutal game, as usual but maybe a tad hard for Kent' forces so will take a more suitable opponent next time- my ancient Spanish and Celt allies. 


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  1. Kings of War has always been a really solid game, nice to see it out on the table. Perhaps one way to accomodate the infantry army would be to have more terrain on the table? Or give all the Germans a short-range missile like spear.

    Just some thoughts.