Saturday, July 14, 2018

Dwarves for Dragon Rampant

A couple of years ago I got a load of Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Dwarves from on of the guys in our gaming group. They've mainly been used in our D&D campaigns but thought they'd make a  good basis for a force for Dragon Rampant. They were painted by Brad (I think) so only had to spend a couple of evenings rebasing them and they are ready for the table:

  • A couple of command stands- on of which will be used as a rune caster in Dragon Rampant
  • 3x units of heavy foot
  • 2x light foot- dwarven auxilia?
  • 1x bows
  • 2x scouts
  • 1x ballistra

The command stands- the dwarf with the Warhammer is a Reaper miniatures figure, the rest are GW.

Ballistra- aka the giant killer.
 Elites dwarves armed with axes and two handed axes. The general's body guard. Either elite infantry or heavy foot (offensive) depending on my mood.
 The regular dwarven axe armed infantry- I think they'll mainly be used as offensive foot.

2x units of scouts. I decided to use 30mm bases for this unit to make them stand out from the rest of the force a bit more.

Dwarven bows. Crossbows are to my mind are more iconic for dwarves but beggars can't be choosers- in fact I may have bought some crossbow armed reinforcements from the lovely looking Conqueror Models range of Dwarves...
 And the dwarven light infantry- a contradiction in terms if ever there was one. But hey, my dwarves aren't going to be stereotyped. I will use them as light foot with short range missiles (throwing axes)
 The army assembled.

I hope to get a couple of games in this week before I head back to Kiribati for the next six months to complete my volunteering assignment. There will be no gaming while out there!


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