Friday, March 3, 2017

HC Seljuk Turks- WIP

A couple of the guys at the cub are keen to get an crusades game of Hail Caesar going soon, so I've started rebasing (the third time I think) my Seljuk army to my current basing conventions.

One of the reasons I don't like selling/getting rid of armies. You'll need them one day! I rebased the light cavalry a couple of nights ago, the medium cav units were done today, the permafilla went on an hou or so ago  and I'm waiting for it to dry so I can get started on painting.

 I like having my light cavalry units based diagonally as though they are crossing the front of the opposing army, makes them nice and easy to distinguish on table too.

There will be more photos of this force in the next few days as I complete rebasing units.



  1. I have never tried diagonal disposition, but it's very tempting...Beautiful cavalry, they look superb and dynamic...

  2. Thanks Phil. I tried using 2 bases with 8 figs but didn't look dynamic enough. The light cav idea was borrowed from Simon at the Big Red Batcave (though not as dynamic as has light cav units turning in feigned flight).
    One of the many reasons I like Imptvs style basing, lots of room to make the basin come alive/ be a bit more dynamic than DBx (and other traditional) basing conventions.

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