Wednesday, June 15, 2016

FoW: Early War: DAK Panzers vs Crusader Squadron

Tonight Nigel popped round to test out my Panzershrek force vs his Crusaders.

Panzer Company (CV)
1x HQ Panzer IV
3x Panzer IVs
5x Panzer IIs
2x 231 8-Rad armoured cars

Nigel took his Crusaders (CT):
1x HQ Crusader II + 2x Close Support Crusaders
3x Crusader IIs
3x Crusader IIs
3x Scout carriers

As it has been so long we thought we'd play a nice and simple free for all- maybe not such a good idea with such small (1000pt) forces, but what the hell.

Initial deployment. I got the first turn.

British turn 1, the troop of crusaders on the British far left advances and destroys a panzer II. The carriers have charged in close to get side shots.

Turn 2- so low AT + crappy fire power= 2x bailed panzer IIs. In reply the 231 armoured cars bail 2 scout carriers.

 On my leftflank the panzer IVs advance on the Crusader HQ troop, destroying a close support crusader.

On the German right flank thngs are not looking good. A couple of panzers failed to remount and the crusaders swept down off the hill making full use if their tally ho rule to fire t full rate of fire.

Even worse on my left flank none of my panzer IVs remounted- they re sitting ducks. However as I write this I completely forgot about protected ammo for all my tanks. Doh! What can I say, its been a while.

Another Panzer II is knocked out.

Turn 3 those pesky carriers are destroyed though. At least I'll get a point.

On the German left flank the Crusader HQ advances to make use of Tally ho.

 Back on the German right all the panzer IIs are knocked out or pinned.

The HQ crusaders advance past the German platoon making use of their broadside ability and knock out the German company commander and the Panzer IV troop.

 On the right the Panzer IIs fail their morale test and the Germans break. 5-2 to Nigel. A nit of a major deployment error didn't help my cause but Nigel did a better job of keeping his armour supporting each other so deserved the win,.

What can I say? It as always going to be a fast, and potentially unbalanced, game at 1000pts. A lot of fun though. Fast and brutal. I've lots to learn about playing early war games.



  1. It blew out a few cobwebs but forgot lots- protected ammo for instance