Monday, February 2, 2015

BA-More German infantry in Italy

A few reinforcements from Artizan Designs have arrived to complete my German Army in Italy. I've mainly used the Artizan DAK range for the army as they have trousers, puttees and ankle boots so are suitable for troops in Italy as well as in the desert. The figures in  shorts have been converted with some greenstuff. I've just painted them to get them on table for this week's game but need to add some highlights when I get a chance- but they will do to game with.

I've a squad with 2x LMG teams, 3x riflemen and 2x SMGs.

The LMG teams and the riflemen- all from the Artizan DAK range. .
 The Panzershrek is from the Artizan's late war range and the kneeling rifleman is a Crusader Miniatures figure.
The greenstuff trousers are probably a bit baggy, but they'll do. Two of the men will be used with the infantry squad, another three are going to be used with my pioneer squad, and the last will be used as my NCO in the command squad. 
We'll see how they go in this weeks game.



  1. Nice reinforcements there Craig! I am sure they will fight well for the Fatherland!

  2. Well, hey'd better start earning their keep or I'm going to have to start penalising Kent 50% of his force to give my guys a chance, they have been chronically underachieving for quite a while now- nothing to do with my tactics mind, they are perfect :)

  3. Great looking troops...and presentation!