Tuesday, August 26, 2014

BA WIP- Early War Germans

Another project I've been working on is my Early War Germans. I find 1940- end of '42 a much more interesting timeframe in WWII than the more common later war eras, so aim to complete German, French and Russian forces for this timeframe.

I had some plastic warlord figures but hated them so gave them away. I also ordered a few Black Tree Design figs last year during one of their sales but wasn't overly impressed by those figures either- I kept 3-4 in forage caps which I did like and some flamethrowers too. I'd also picked up some TAG panzer grenadiers with mines and other assorted AT weapons to become pioneers- unfortunately they are in ankle boots for later in the war but they'll do for my pioneer squad.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a squad of the Warlord Games Early War German metals figures- which aren't bad but do have plenty of flash and needed some clean up. Yesterday 16x Crusader EW infantry arrived and were painted up last night. I really, really like the sculpts for the Crusader range, easy to paint, great details and no flash- they are my favourites so far. However, I didn't get any of their SMG armed infantry as their SMGs are stupidly oversized and look completely silly. I think I'll be getting some Artizan SMG infantry next time I add to the force as I've yet to find any early war SMG infantry I'm happy with.

The force so far:

A stug D (Blitzkrieg minis IIRC)

 A hanomag and 222 armoured car (both Warlord Games)  are the  two other mobile elements. I want to add a couple of trucks as well. My aim is to represent a battlegroup of the Gross Deutschland Div in the early days of the invasion of France-the Gross Deutschland were one of the few units supported by the still experimental stug assault guns.

2x squads of infantry and one of pioneers.

I've still a MMG, 81mm mortar and anti-tank gun to complete the force, and still a bit of highlighting to go.



  1. Lots of Panzer Grey.
    should be lots of gaming fun from that lot.

  2. Yep, war winning colours- never change strip half way through a competition (or war)- its bad luck.