Monday, April 7, 2014

Some German reinforcements

A couple of vehicles to support my Germans in Sicily/Italy were done tonight.

A 233 armoured car.

 The 233 is one of my favourite German armoured cars. I've them in a couple of FoW forces but struggle to get them into many FoW lists. They don't benefit from the recce rules in FoW and being lightly armoured have to be used carefully. In BA though they should prove to be far more durable- having a light howitzer (1d6 HE) main gun as well as benefitting from the recce rules should prove a handful and so be a useful close support artillery vehicle.

I've decided to give my forces for Italy/Sicily (and also Tunisia) a basic dunkelgelb colour scheme of vallejo green ochre, dark tone wash then light dry brushes of green ochre and the Iraqi sand to pick out the details. Simple but effective.

The other thing I've added to my force is the very cool motorcycle/halftrack combo of the kettenkrad. How cool is that for an armoured vehicle? It will be used to tow my flak AA around. Once again a very nice Warlord games model.


 And the guns- the 3.7cm flak and the 75mm infantry gun. 

 I'm interested to see how a force supported by the 233 armoured car, a 105mm stuh, the infantry gun and 81mm mortar fares- it has the potential to throw out a lot of hits/ pins each turn.



  1. I would like to add an infantry gun to my guys at some stage. These look really nice Craig!

  2. Awesome models Craig. I do like how the skormish scale gives different models their opportunity to shine.

  3. Thanks guys. A bit more drybrushing is needed on the 233 but overall I'm pretty happy with them.

    I agree Jamie lots of stuff that is meh in FoW is actually pretty handy in BA.