Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Long time, no post :(

 It’s been a while  since I posted, just lost motivation in gaming of late. The only gaming I’ve done in the past month was a game of Spartacus with the guys, which was lots of fun. The kids have got surfing sussed been down at the bach every weekend for the past month and they are having a ball. Summer hols start Friday for me so will get plenty more weeks down at Kakanui to hang out and surf. 

Finn catching a wave last weekend.
  However, Day of Days 2014 draws ever closer so thought it was time we started some playtesting. We’ve a local guy keen to get into FoW and take part so he needs to learn the rules so thought we’d better get some play test games underway. Of the 5 of us locals taking part 4 are playing Germans, in 3 teams so we will need to do a bit of jigging as to who gets to playtest the Germans- I refuse to ever play blue vs bue games, it’s just wrong. End of!

At Day of Days I’m going to be joining Cal in a running a US force. I “force” each team to have two different company types (2 out of the 3 of inf/mech/armoured) so as to keep things interesting and prevent uber boring, ultra defensive infantry forces (and try to to ensure everyone is semi-mobile and so reduce the risk of time out losses). Each team is only allowed 2x Div/Corps support choices as well to encourage weapons platoons. So at 1100pts you don’t get a lot of bang for your buck.

 Cal has always been the best tank player in the South Island, he’s a tad rusty these days, but I hope he can remember how to use tanks fairly quickly. So he will run our armoured force and  I will support him with either Armoured Rifles or Armoured Recon. I’ve been waiting for a month for my last couple of Greyhounds to arrive to be able to run the recon so tomorrow night will run some armoured rifles instead. I had hoped my M4 mortar carriers would have arrived too so have swapped those for a pair of 57mm AT guns- which can combat attach. So I’ll be running

2x reduced strength armoured rifles platoons
2x (attached) 57mm AT guns
4x hellcats (CT)
3x priests + observer Sherman.

Nigel is going to run Cal’s force:
2x M4 Shermans
4x M4 Shermans
4x 76mm Shermans
4x recon teams (including bazooka)

It won’t be a competitive game, more teaching Brad the basics and giving advice on tactics as we run though the game with him. I’m looking forward to it though, doubles games are always lots of fun.

So last night I found all my US and looked at what I need to do, most of the tanks need repainted (I did the half tracks base coats last night) and lots of bits and pieces need tidying up so I think I’ll be busy over the next few weeks getting everything ready.



  1. Great to see family time out in the sun, roll on the summer! Finn looks super cool!
    I agree about your thoughts on blue on blue - it never feels right some how, even if you dress it up as 'training'...

  2. I don't dress it up as anything except nonsense. I'd much rather arrange a game before hand so we can decide on the right theatre and suitable force for my opponent and go from there- of course the typical Disneyland tourneys you get what you are given but I enjoy blue on blue games a hell of a lot less than themed games or comps.

  3. like your style Craig... make the most of the awesome weather :D