Thursday, October 17, 2013

FoW reinforcements

A few reinforcements for my Soviet forces. 4x ISU 122s and 3x M16 AA half tracks.

Still can't decided for Conquest it comes down to either:

 I'm happy with the core:
1x 2 platoon company
1x 1 platoon company
8x Valentines
4x M10s
4x Zis 2 AT guns
6x Heavy mortars

Its the heavy AT option I am not sure on:

a) 4x SU 100, 3x AA trucks + limited air support 
b) 4x ISU 122s, 3x M16 AA half tracks

I prefer the ISU 122 model (its big squat and ugly) over the SU 100 but the SU 100 version has a bit more flexibility with the air support to worry about too.

I've been playing a few solo games to test out ideas, using my Hungarians as opposition, they have been quite enjoyable but its not quite the same as vs a real opponent.

Decisions, decisions...



  1. Those are some mean looking tank hunters.

  2. I'd go with the better looking option. Interested to hear how you play solo, just run both sides and make the best decisions you can?

    1. By that I tae it you mean the SU 100s Sean. re: Solo games. you've got it in one. I try to remain reasonably impartial and its a relaxing way to spend a couple of hours trying out ideas when ones opponents are in short supply :)

  3. I would slip the whole lot onto the table and hope no one notices!!! They do look rather nice !

  4. Are you expecting lots of AOPs ? If yes i would go with the air option.

    1. No idea Lap. Been awhile since I did any LW- I can so hope I get to play more historical opponents all weekend but somehow doubt it. :)

  5. Lovely beasts, and I do like the quad .50s too! What's next, the
    SU-152? You probably already have them.

    1. Yeah, I've plenty of SU 152s already. Converted a few to ISU 122s a few years back (when LW first came out) and these new models replaced those ones.

  6. Brutal looking big nasties there Craig!

    Of the two options given I could be inclined to go with a) , just coz no matter the mission or reserves, you've always got the chance to use your air and one lucky strike can ruin your opponents day, plus it 'forces' them to stay near terrain, limiting their mobility...

    1. Very good point but alas too late now Scott- common sense went out the window :)