Sunday, September 29, 2013

Gaming Room Update

More work on the gaming room- electrics are done and I'm working on the gib and finishing off the windows (more to be done this afternoon) but at last it is a useable space.

So we have gone from this...

 To this.

 Balloons are a left over from my daughter's 14th birthday the other week so it will be a family utility/gaming room- that way it keeps SHMBO happy.



  1. Great progress
    I like the touch of having your blog displayed on the flat screen in the last picture!

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  3. Very nice! Spacious too. Now you can work the "value for money" angle with the wife: "the more I use it, the less it cost per game, so really I'm saving us a fortune by playing 5 times a week..." How can she possibly object?! :-)

  4. I like that line of thinking Red Dog.

  5. Coming on well...gotta keep those good ladies happy mate!