Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Update + ACW

Today the floor was finished ready for the concrete which will happen next Wednesday, weather permitting.

 Tonight Stephen, Kent and I got together for a game of ACW. 12 battalions of infantry each, 2 of skirmishers and 2x batteries of artillery. We used 8" for infantry moves and all units were veterans (saving in a 3+)  and i think those factors were the reason we didn't get a result- next game we will revert to normal moves and only allow 1/3 of units to be veterans.

The union deploy.
 My brigade fails to move on turn 1.
 Kent advances towards Stephen's brigade.
 Stephen's entire spent much of the game unsupported as I failed to keep abreast of his advance.
 A rather ineffectual firefight develops we added an additional -1 to hit at over 50% range.
 Kent's brigade opposite mine also forms a firing line.
 Meanwhile Stephen had been making good progress, breaking a couple of regiments. 
Stephen's Virginians advance.

 The first melee. Kent managed to charge Stephens regiment but after 3 rounds of drawn combats Stephen drove off the yankees. 
 Meanwhile I kept nibbling away. The regiment in the bottom of hot was about to charge Kent's regiment but was disordered and destroyed as they tried to charge home.
 Things were looking a bit grim for my flank so I gave a follow me order to reinforce Stephen' flan. Stephen had all but broken the brigade he faced but we just could not force the final regiment to break and thus force the entire brigade to retire.
 Our final attempt to break the deadlock before we ran out of time.
Another fun game but we probably were guilty of too many changes to the standard rules and intend to go back to more "standard" Black Powder.

Next week we are hoping to have another crack with the Carthaginians and Gauls using Impetvs.


  1. Greate looking game !

    best regards Michael

    1. Cheers Dalauppror. The figures and terrain are coming along. I really like the water tower of Kent's.

  2. Hi,

    This is neither spam, nor business inquiry. I'm just following your blog and loving what you do. As you are doing quite some WWII 15mm stuff, I thought you might be interested for you to hear about these guys:

    Their game looks awesome and they confirmed me that their units have been dimensionned to meet the size of 15 mm figures for both troops and tanks.

  3. Hi Philippe, that does look interesting.