Friday, June 29, 2012

Borodino left flank

 My aim is to provide the figures for the Russian left flank of the Borodino game. One of the other Timaru gamers and I intend to run it, posssibly with some extra help. A roll call last night found I am on target. I have 2x command stands for the new Warlord Games figures to do and I’ll have all the 12 infantry battalions required for this part of the battle. With John’s scaling back the force I need to provide is as follows:

Bagration’s 2nd Army

VII Corp (Raevski) 
·         12th Division (4x infantry battalions)
·         26th Division (4x infantry battalions)

VIII Corp (Borodzin)          
·         27th Division(4x infantry battalions)
·         2nd Converged Grenadier ( 2x Grenadiers, 1x 12pdr battery)

4th Cav Corp (Sievers)
·         3x Dragoon Brigades*, 1x Horse artillery
·         1x  Hussar & 1x Uhlan brigades*
 *For want of a better term    

The Hussars and Uhlans are currently winging their way from the UK (thanks to Front Rank) but I still need 3 units of Dragoons (36 figs) and am holding out for the new Perry’s if they are released soon. I should also be able to contribute towards the rather large artillery park in this flank's reserve (which includes: 1x 12 pdr and 3x 6 pdr batteries (a total of 12 guns required). We will also require another 4 batteries (12 guns) for the fletches and redoubt.

We also need 3x large Cuirassier brigades in the reserve (I can supply two of these) and 3x grenadier batalions.

Basing (yet again)
My on going dilemmas with basing systems continues. I am starting to ponder how to base my Napoleonic Cav. At present Kent and I use 5cm wide bases with 2 figs and either 8 or 12 figs per unit but I  am starting to lean towards a 12 figure standard. At present that means 6 bases, which is kind of fiddly. I am seriously tempted to rebase (again) my cav onto 7.5 cm wide bases and use 3 for Lassalle or 4 for Black Powder. My rationale being in line my Lasalle Cav would be  22.5 cm wide so only have a slightly wider frontage than my infantry battalions (20 cm). I would also probably just go for 2x bases for the irregualr units like cossacks (to keep costs down). 

I may have to do a test run to see if it would work out.

Ah well, it feels good to have some wargaming focus again :)


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  1. Good luck with the basing dilemma, it always causes a problem?? I'll look forward to seeing some of the new figures painted up!