Monday, March 26, 2012

Next up?


The Byzantines will have to wait. I blame Oliclanalad for this next detour. I've been checking out the progress on his demo games and as with his Crusades project it is truely epic in both scope and presentation and it has inspired me to return to one of my backburner projects.

Photo source: Oliclanalad's blog:

How can photos such as this not inspire one?  Of course my force will be much, much smaller! I am aiming at a 300pt Carthagian command to start with- orginally (as with most of my projects?) my aim was to make 4-5 300 pt forces so I can mix and match and combine two allied ccommands for bigger battles. The original intend was to collect:
  • Republican Romans
  • Gauls
  • Numidians
  • Carthaginians
  • Spanish.
 I already have the Gauls and  Numidians so I'll get started on the Carthaginian's and Republican Romans.

I actually started my Carthaginian force the same time I did my Numidians (2009 or 2010) when I first started to seriously get into 28mm scale- I got some Old Glory Libyan foot, but they came with Roman shields so have been languishing in my to do basket. I also got some Renegade Spanish infantry and Carthaginian Cav to go with them but hate the figures- giant horse riding dwarves anf far too big to go with OG. At the same time I got some of the plastic WG Republican Romans but hated those plastics so the project eventually died. 

I actually did 2x 600 pt starter armies (Romans & Carthaginians) for FoG when it came out using 15mm Old Glory but two games of FoG was enough for me to know the ruleset wasn't for me and eventually sold off the figures to Stephen & Dave- although I proably have a few lying round somewhere still.

Anyhow, so this has been one of those on again (but mainly) off again projects for some time. I loaned Stephen my copy of Impetus so don't have access to those army lists at present so am going off one I wrote a couple of years ago.

For figures, I've been doing my usual searches in TMP for people's thoughts on different ranges and have settled on  Crusader for the bulk of the figures. I'll start with the Old Glory figures though- making 4 stands and will use plastic shields from the Numidian range from WF to repalce the metal OG ones.

Edit- so tonight I've painted up a test base. I have decided I need 7 figures for the close ranked heavy infantry- my hope had been to get 5 bases of 6 figures out of the OG bag but it will probably only be 4 if I go up to 7 figures per base. I must admit I'm not really a fan of OG they can be rather hit or miss and so I tend to avoid buying the if I can help it these days (after getting a couple of dud ranges) but I am happy with the sculpts of these.

A bit blurry but you get the idea. The shields are white as I'll order some LBM transfers and they need a white base colour. I think a 7th figure would bulk out the base quite nicely and add to the illusion of depth to the formation.

It's also funny what you find lying around. Thought I'd better check my boxes of stuff before starting to order and lo and behold what did I find? 2x half finished Crusader Carthaginian elephants from last time I started this project- so I've enough stuff for half the project already.


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