Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lasalle Game

Last night Kent and I managed a game of Lasalle at the club. He's been bsy and hs completed a brigade of Perry Dragoons- and they look absolutely stunning.

The game was a bit of a roller coaster but my Russian Grenadiers held their ground and by the endd of the game had destroyed 4 French Battalions for the loss of one of their own and a battery of artillery that got run over by the Dragoons- hitting artillery with 3x regiments at once beng a very successful tactic.

Alas my camera died so no photos- so I've borrowed a few form Kent's site. He has written an entertaining report of the game here.

We are both struggling to get to grips with the rules in Lasalle not sure what our problem is but we both seem to struggle to locate rules as we go (is it the way they are organised?) and each time we play it feels like we are relearning everything- the rules just aren't sticking. We had a chat about it at the end of the game and have decided to go back to Shako II for our next game- using 3 stands per battalion. That means I will need to get some more infantry painted at some point soon. I might even look at getting some of the new Perry plastics (3 boxes for fifty pounds free shipping) to buk the army out a bit.

The Cilicean Armenian Project
I also swapped my Perry Plastic hussars & dragoons with Kent. I doubt I'd have gotten round painting a Napoleonic French force, they just don't interest me that much so I swapped them for the odds and sods of Kent's Perry Crusaders which means I can start on the Cilicean Armenian Project for our Impetus Crusades forces.



  1. How do you find Shako II? We used to play Shako many years ago, but currently it's Black Powder. BP does not have a 100% following in our group so I am keen to look at alternatives.

  2. Hi Rodger

    Kent and I quite liked it (used 15mm AB figs) and it is one of the preferred rulesets of the 10mm Napoleonic gamers at the club.

    We never played V1 although the other guys did. It is far more streamlined than V1 (one die per battalion per combat) and gave a good game. Our only issue (IIRC) was French march columns 3 abreast seemed to steamroll their way to victory- but if it is a problem we will probably houserule it- but it may have been us not knowing the rules well enough.

    Kent and I have always played fairly loose with the command rules but they add another interesting layer/dimension to the game.


  3. I'd forgotten all about Shako, we used to play it all the time, it was an entertaining ruleset.

  4. A great looking game; it inspired me to put some paint on some Garde, tonight.

    Cheers, Simon