Tuesday, April 19, 2011

500pt Syrian army completed

I have finished the 500 pt Syrian force, just in time for tomorrow night's game vs Kent. I have to print some banners tomorrow after work but apart from that the force is good to go! I've decided to keep with only two commands. Once I get my Abdath City Militia completed (and add another 100 pts- 4x milita and either 2xGhulums or another 2x Turcomans) I'll add a third command and will probably group all the infantry into one command.

I have a plan to screen the Gaziz (impetuous fanatics) with the javelin armed Kurdish light infantry, but only tomorrow's game will determine if my cunning plan to stop my gaziz charging off into the wild blue yonder will work.

Average Command

Commander: Fair (+2 leadership)

  • 2x CM Ghulam Lancers
  • 2x CM Ghulum Archers
  • 4xCM Bedouin Lancers
  • 2x CL Turcomans
Commander: Fair (+2 leadership)
  • 4x CM Syrians
  • 2x CL Turcomans
  • 2x FL Kurds
  • 2x FL Gaziz
  • 1xS Archers
And now for a few pictures:

The infantry
- Kurdish light infantry and Gaziz.

4x Turcomans

4x Arab Lancers

4x Syrian Medium Cavalry

4x Ghulums

The cavalry arrayed for battle- ranked up like this they look pretty damn impressive!

And a rather basic camp.

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