Friday, March 11, 2011

FoW LW: US Italian Vets vs Motorised PGs

Kent and I managed a game of FoW tonight, late war, US rifles vs his motorised PGs. I was supposed to be running armoured rifles but grabbed the box of Americans and when I got to Kent's had no half tracks so quickly remade my force!

I ran:
2x rifle platoons
Vet hellcats
Vet Priests
Armoured Cav
5x Stuarts

Kent's Panzer Grenadiers had:
HQ + shrek
2x PG platoons
armoured 3.7 AA- although he fielded Quad AA
4x stugs
5x panzer IVs

We rolled up a Breakthrough and I got to attack.

Deployment- I was heading towards the woods in the bottom left corner, Kent placed his panzer IVs too far forward and his PGs to retreat and dug in near the objectives.

Turn 1: The PGs are about to fall back leaving the panzers to hold off the Americans.

My Stuarts prepare to take out Kent's 2iC & panzershrek.

My recon lifts gone to ground and the hellcats let rip on the panzer IVs, knocking out 3 of 5. THe last two flee- leaving Kent with his brand new platoon to die without having fired a sh9ot!

Nice ambush scheme Kent!

Kent's turn 1 and the stugs arrive and manage to kill a Stuart and bial another- the Stuarts having run over the German kampfgruppe.

My turn 2: I see your stugs and raise you a time on target (from the priests)

My turn 3- the German AA half tracks fail to bail my Stuarts in their turn and they are cut to pieces in mine.

German turn 4: In my turn I missed the last 2 stugs with Stuarts, Hellcats and 105s (or if i hit the stugs passed their saves) and lost two over confident hellcats as a result (the Stuarts even had side shots-grrr!!!)

However, the Stugs didn't miss!

My turn 5: Meanwhile my infantry had been sweeping forward- my reserve (infantry) platoon had arrived and just assaulted the Germans off one objective- the survivors managed to stay on table but didn't unpin so could not contest in his next turn.

German Turn 5- a last desperate German assault goes in but doesn't kill enough teams- all the germans perish in the counter assualt leavng me holding both objectives. 5-2 to me.

Kent stuffed up his defence placing a panzer IV too far forward so I could concentrate on it and take out the platoon- with the panzer IV threat neutralised he didn't have enough left to to stop. A mistake I'm sure he won't make again.

Next time I'll make sure I run the Armoured Rifle version I was hoping to play!


  1. Looks like it was a good game. Any battle where lessons are learned is a good battle in my book.

  2. Surely, Flames of War is a fantastic game. I love it.

  3. It was a fun game i shot my Commanding General once Craig left and have appointed a new one so watch out next round my friend.

  4. I am looking forward to it Kent

    BTW Kent the photos turned out much better by not using the flash!