Friday, January 14, 2011

Buildings for Day of Days

I found the boards I made for our Arnhem multi-player back in 2007 but have decided I need a few more buildings for it, so thought I'd have a go at scratch building a few out of Foamcore.

I've used my friend Ian's scratchbuilt ones for inspiration- they are the best buildings I have seen and his village looks fantastic. Mine won't be that good but we will see how they turn out.

And here are my first couple, still work in progress. The process is simple. The buildings themselves are foamcore with windowframes made out of 2mm wide cardboard (from a cereal packet). To make painting easier I've used black foamcore. In the past I used white but getting the paint into the window recesses can be a real pain, at least means I don't have to worry so much.

Prototype number 1: To add extra texture once the building is asembled I have coated it in a very light covering of permafilla (hence the white colour)- once painted this gives a slightly rough texture (and is the technique Ian used with his above).

Cobblestones are simply made out of cereal packet, probably a bit big (1cm square) but should look good once painted.

And the second one, slightly bigger so it will hold 4 medium sized FoW bases on each floor.

One suggestion I have (and what I did with the second one) is to paint the interior before assembling! It should make the process a bit easier.

so they are now at the stage where I can paint them- hopefully that will happen in the next few days.

All going well I'd like to make half a dozen or so, but we will see how inspired I am...


  1. Those look great! For 2011 I am undergoing a massive "steve-o-grad" cityfight terrain board project. I plan to try my hand at foamcore ruins to fill the board up. Great inspiration!

  2. Cheers Indie- hopefully they look decent once finished

    I would love to build a modular Stalingrad board with decent rubble & terrain- I've seen a couple of awesome ones

    Who knows, next year we may do Firestorm Stalingrad!


  3. I like the look of those Craig, and I think a project to make a few Arnhem boards is suitably mad for you!

    I've got a sheet of the black foamcore that I really should do something with. I was intending to use it for a WOTR ruined city, but I think that planning big projects oft-times mean they get put off!

    Looking at that little Church, perhaps I should do a (rougher) foamcore church to go with my houses?

  4. Very cool, you have a plan to add some roofs?

    Firestorm Stalingrad.... That would be a long weekend to be a German. StuIG's, the gambling man's Brummbar!

  5. Yes, I've some plasticard roofs to add once the buildings are painted.

    Yeah, one thing putting me off Stalingrad is too many Soviet horde armies- but I'm sure we can come up with ideas to stop that but having so maxmimum of different force types.

    Also would be good to try and incorporate the flanks to get Romanian and Italian forces involved.

  6. Romanians, Italians, Panzers, Soviet Tanks to do the counterpunch?

    Would be tough to be a German, need both AT (for fear of T34) and a lot of anti-infantry (to deal with the inevitable horde).

  7. Looks great! So... Wanna join the blog ring, since this post was nominated in our top ten for the week?

  8. I guess that makes me almost famous :)

    I'd be happy to be added to the roll


  9. love the buildings,so much better than comercial resin brought ones.