Sunday, December 12, 2010

IWF FoW World Champs

I've been invited to attend the IWF FoW World Champs in Wellington next February- which has led to an interesting dilemma, what the hell to take! It is Midwar and so far narrowed things down to five different lists, two British, three German.

Here are my ideas for the British. I am leaning towards the commandos but think the 8th Amy version is also pretty solid and would make for a resonably competitive force.

1. Commandos
HQ + PIAT 60
2x Commando Sections 390
1x Commando Section 195
1x Commando Section 195
4x 6pdrs 185
4x Bishops + Op carriers 250
3x ACs (1x humber IV) 115
Sporadic Hurricane IIBs 105

2. 8th Army

HQ 30
1x Rifle Platoon-ATR, sticky Bombs 175
1x Rifle Platoon- ATR 165
1x Rifle Platoon 145

1x Carrier Patrol (1 MG, 1 50Cal) 110
3x Crusader (2x 6 pdr) (CT) 165
4x 6 pdrs 185
8x Bishops 430

Sporadic Hurricane IIBs 95


My German lists are as follows:
3. Armoured PGs-
2x HQ - P/Ks 80
7x Armoured PGs + P/K 235
7x Armoured PGs + P/K 235
3x Pak 38s + HTs 160

3x Panzer IIIIL 345
3x Panzerwerfers 175
3x Marder II 270

A fairly generic list based on my experiences at Southcon earlier this year. Armoured PGs are still fairly rare around here at comps but with the lower price totals in the latest mid war books are finally an almost viable option. Probably not the toughest force out there but it would be fun, and challenging, to play.

DAK Pioneers
HQ 45
1x HMG 30
1x Pioneers + 2 pak 38s 295
supply truck 25
1x Pioneers + pak 38 255
supply truck 25
2x Bison 180
5x Carri 300
2x 88s 255
2x 231 8 Rads 85


I came up with this one this morning-0 it lacks artilerly and smoke but the idea was based on trying to fit a lsit round the two bisons I have but have never fielded. Again I think it would be fun to run and probably a challenge. The Bison points would probably be better spent trying to get an artilelry option but bisons look fantastic!

5. "Old Faithful" East Front FJ

HQ + 2iC P/K 60
1x 2.8cm AT Rifle 20
1x FJ Platoon (PK) 270
1x FJ Platoon (PK) 270
3x Pak 38s (FJ) 135
1x Ferdinand 390
3x Panzerwerfers 175

1x pak 36 25

Limited HS 129B 155


Over the years my FJ force has preformed well in a number of competitions- big platoons of fearless infantry makes for a solid base on attack or defence. A couple of twists to my usual FJ list- swapping my tiger for a ferdinand (mainly as I've never fielded one) my my recon for some air support, and the ubiquitous panzerwerfers rather than FJ 105 recoiless artillery (panzerwerfers being a bit of a nobrainer and the panzerwerfer + HS 129 being a very nasty combination when it works!). I've also added a couple of light AT guns at the expense of my HQ stummelwerfers which didn't really do much last time I ran them at a comp).

This force, or a varation of it, is probably the force I'm most comfortable using but is the least likely one to be taken, simply as I've done so at a number of comps in the past. Apart from the armoured PGs (which are a different version to the lists at Southcon) I've taken none of the other forces to a comp.

I'm leanign towards the commandos or armoured PGs at present but haven't totally discounted the DAK pioneers or even the 8th Army. Of those 4 the 8th Army proably fits my combined arms style best but I can see the commandos beng a soid force on attack or defence.

So anyone out there got any thoughts or suggestions on which I should take?



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