Tuesday, November 9, 2010

FoW US Paras

I'm still working on my Paras having decided to take them to the masters. Last night I finally finished the bases- as well as painting up 4x 105 para howitzers (without gunsheilds).

This is the first time I've experimented with using Static Grass (yes, I'm bit slow on the uptake!). I'v seen some great looking results and I've seen some bases that look like the figures were mugged by a tennis ball so wasn't sure if I'd like the result or not. I mixed the bright green (which I hate) with some of the autumnal one and also added a bit of woods scenics medium turf for good measure. Am fairly happy with the result.

Still, this isn't helping to get my French started!

I also think I've settled on the para force for the Masters.

1x Para HQ + 2x bazooka 70
9x Paras 255
9x Paras 255

3x 57mm AT guns + jeep 125
3x 105mm Artillery (CT) 90
7x Guards infantry 145
4x Shermans (2x fireflies) 390
Limited Typhoons 170

The main change is swapping the glider infantry (155 pts) for 7x Guards infantry, the main reason for this being that the guards are veteran so harder to hit- not sure if this is the right way to go but want to at least try this version out. The infantry can be justified as a platoon sent to protect the Shermans.

Other Stuff
I also hope to get a game of Impetus in vs Kent soon- its been delayed a couple of times- such as for the game with Steve last week. The guys at the club are playing Rapid Fire in 1/300th tomorrow so might turn up for a look see.

Kent has ordered a truck load of 28mm Western figures and has a few figures for my own posse so it looks like we will be dabbling in yet another era/ruleset.

Other news- we are starting to plan for next years Day of Days event and its looking like we'll run Firestorm Market garden. Numbers are already looking very promising.



  1. Damn, this looks like a pretty good list!

  2. I think the guards inf are the right choice, Craig. Presumeably they get a morale rule too?

    3x Vet inf + 2x Templates + SPAT + ATGs is about as good as it gets for 1500pts.

    You've seen some of Jason's agitating for new gamig directions up here. I just can't seem to get Dark Ages to happen... so was heretically wondering if Warhammer 8th (Jason raves about it) might be doable using all those cool Pike and Shotte figs that Warlord now have. If not, I'll still have heap of cool historicals and it is in the DBR/FOGR etc period, right?

  3. Cheers Indy, I hope it is. It is not getting my French recon started though!

    I'm a bit worried about Poochies US Rifles list- I like it, whcih is a bad sign! We were both looking at similar vet infantry ideas but i've decided to keep going with the paras- and think I've found a balance I'm happy with.

    As you say Xelee at 1500 pts short cuts need to be made but I'm hoping there is enough varity to deal with a varity of challenges over 6 missions.

    The guards should get the British Bulldog + Unflappabe rules which makes up for lack of a company commander re-roll. I think it is a good trade off for a total of 3 less stands than the glider boys can have. I also hope I can at some stage do the British tankrider charge if needed!

    WAB sounds interesting and many people should know the mechanics so I'd give it a go- Cav is pretty lethal now I understand.

    I'm happy with Impetus for my ancients fix and have been trying to get a game at TAG organised for the past couple of weeks but Real Life (TM) keeps getting in the way- the ancients players are finally showing interest and want to take part so I need to strike while the iron is hot!