Sunday, August 28, 2011

What's next?

I've almost finished the last 2 battalions of the Russian force (only finishing the basing left to do) and so Ive ordered the French Army deal from Warlord Games (4x boxes of Perry Infantry, 1x Victrix Guard, 4x Cavalry) as I need to get a French for ready for Conquest (less pressure to get it done though as I can use my Russians vs Kent in the meantime).

I've been speaking to Kent and he prefers the Front Rank metals to paint to the Perry plastics as the detail is easier to pick out but at the price of the plastics, it was hard ot turn it down. I'll be rounding out the force with some Perry metal commands and artillery. So for Conquest I need to paint:

8x battalions of French infantry (+ 16x skirmishers)
4x regiments of dragoons (32 figs- only 8 figures per regiment- or 2 1/2 boxes worth)
4x line artillery (3x med cannon + 1x howitzer)
4x horse artillery (as above for the infantry).

For the comp we intend to have 3 commands (each of 1x core infantry divison and 1x support bigade).

The French will be:

  • Infantry division (8x battalions) + Cuirassiers

  • Infantry division (8x battalions) + Dragoons

  • Infantry division (6 or 8 battalions) + a brigade of Young Guard

Poochie is responsible for painting the Young Guard, Nick can supply some of the French, Kent and I will have the rest.

We are toying with the idea of an L shaped table. The idea being two Frnch commands attack the British on the main (8x6 table) while the third command holds off the Prussin flanking force on the L shaped table. If the Prussians are able to defeat the holding force then they can arrive on the flank to potentially save the day for the British. We should probably play test it but I'm not sure if we will have the opportunity to since Nick is in Wellington, Poochie in Christchurch and Kent and I are in Timaru. Maybe we could get Poochie down for a game together with a 4th volunteer in the next few weeks to test it out in concept.



  1. "No pressure", Conquest is like 8 weeks away. I would feel under pressure trying to get just two units done in that time. Sounds like it will be an awesome game though. Good luck.

  2. Man, you ARE a painting cyborg Craig.

    Pooch has been showing me his Laselle, and lent me his copy of the book...yeah I am sold.

    Prussians I think. Pooch mentioned a Laselle Comp at Tempest next year?


  3. He has been pushing the Lasalle, I'd reckon he'd play Impetvs too but the push for that has been less of late...

    There are some slim signs of the 28mm renaissance taking hold though - Tim is talking of (he prefers to PLAY 15mm ancients, more wargamey) 28mm Impetvs as a good display thing for retail purposes.

    Re: Jason and his Prussians - the story there is that I noticed the Perry French have greatcoats (which is what I wanted the plastic Russians to have) and that is me sold. So that will be a good local mix - counting Poochies spare French he has on the agenda.

  4. I now know I can achieve the army in that time span Rodger so it should be no pressure :)

    I am liking 28mm more and more- as a demo style game it looks fantastic and given that plastics often work out cheaper than 15mm per figure why wouldn't you?

    I do love Impetus but at present we are in a Napolonics swing and am resisting the lure of my Alan army that is awaiting its paint.

    Tempest or even something at my place one weekend is a possibility- there are some Dunedin guys with 28mm Lasalle armies now so Timaru might be a good half way point to get 8-12 ChCh- Timaru-Dunedin gamers together to roll some dice. Also, Martin and a few other players have forces too I think so we may be surprised at what shows up locally. I hope our game at Conquest might kick start some more interest.

    I think Poochie might have an Impetus army on the back burner somewhere too :)


  5. Yes - I've heard of this but back burner is back burner lol

    As to the 'why wouldn't you'? I'm beginning to look at 15mm rather dimly as a scale these days. I quite like my little Epic Scale army and would happily play WW2 games in that scale. The artillery and German tanks with optics would make more sense to me for starters!

    Since 28mm plastic makes anything else so affordable, I agree, why not get the fun of the good-looking armies that you get?

    Re: Events, my Impetvs Romans (two 300pt armies worth) for your Impetvs event are all done save one fig that needs to be painted to complete basing :P

    Once I get the Naps ball rolling I'd be keen for that too.

  6. We might be better to do an Impetus day one Sunday at the Cavs- the local guys here are only interested in 10mm or 15mm DBA so is a bit of a waste of time.

    Not sure where Kent's army is at- he sold his Romans and was going to do another force but we have been a bit sidetracked of late.

    Finished basing my Russian Grenadiers (St Petersburg Grenadiers) last night and painted the last 6 stands of skirmishers. I'm now starting on a brigade of jagers (4 battalions + light artillery) while I wait for the French to arrive.

  7. Andy has his Romans pretty much (if not all?) ready now too and a few other guys, in addition to Pooch, intend to get armies going.

    Everyone but Adam is pretty much in the Early Imperial period (and Adam's are close enough to earlier Steppe people's) so it might be a good thing once a couple more have their stuff painted.

    I keep hearing good things about Lasalle too and the only thing that concerns me at all about it is that 6x4 will not really be big enough for 28mm games.

  8. 6x 4 is fine for 1 div + 1x core- 8x4 would be a bit better but I intend to use 6x5 for extra depth and my table tennis table for bigger games


  9. 8x6 is what we play in Wellington. Gives us enough room to move around and no feel cramped.

  10. Thanks Nick- I wondered why your tables looked more spacious!