Tuesday, August 23, 2011

28mm Russians ready for action

Just in time for tomorrow nights game, although the skirmishers have yet to be highlighted.

I think that this has been my most insane painting mission in a long, long time! The figures only arrived on August 1st so in just over 3 weeks I've managed to paint:
  • 6x 16 figure infantry battalions
  • 2x 12 figure Cuirassier regiments
  • 10x artillery pieces
  • 6x skirmishers
  • 2x sub-generals
  • 1x command stand
Only 2 more infantry battalions to go and the basic force is done (I need 8 battalions when attacking)- then I have a jager brigade (4 battalions) to round off the force- and another 10 artilelry pieces of course!



  1. Looking really good Craig. Good luck for tomorrow nights game.

  2. Hi Craig, that is indeed insane, even by your mad standards! Well done.

    Lassalle looks to be quite the fig heavy game. In terms of what little I understand about the game, the key thing is what gets to start on-table? - So what out of that lot counts?

  3. Hi Jamie

    Less figure heavy than Shako II which is the other game (okay the main game) Kent and I have played with Napoleonics- we'd need at least 2-3 times as many battalions (but we'd probably go with 12 figure battalions though) and would have to use my table tennis table to game on. 2-3 boxes of plastic infantry and you've got the core force and build up in stages from there.

    As far as being on table, I start with the 6 battalions + artillery. The Cav comes on randomly- you roll 2 dice and have to get the turn number or less for them to arrive and as the game has a variable turn limit (which you roll for each turn)they may not have much time to act.

    I a now trying to suss out what to get next- I am leaning towards a Polish Brigade to augment Kent's French.


  4. Man Craig, thats impressive!

    Loving the massive Arty Park especially.

    Look forward to seing them "in the flesh"


  5. complete madness i just can't wait to see them on the table tonight

  6. Nick/Lintman's Prussians have turned out nicely too - and in the process of admiring the great job he has done on them (showoff! :) ) I've realised I quite like how modern they look compared to other Naps.

  7. Yes his figures are very, very nice