Tuesday, August 26, 2014

BA WIP- Early War Germans

Another project I've been working on is my Early War Germans. I find 1940- end of '42 a much more interesting timeframe in WWII than the more common later war eras, so aim to complete German, French and Russian forces for this timeframe.

I had some plastic warlord figures but hated them so gave them away. I also ordered a few Black Tree Design figs last year during one of their sales but wasn't overly impressed by those figures either- I kept 3-4 in forage caps which I did like and some flamethrowers too. I'd also picked up some TAG panzer grenadiers with mines and other assorted AT weapons to become pioneers- unfortunately they are in ankle boots for later in the war but they'll do for my pioneer squad.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a squad of the Warlord Games Early War German metals figures- which aren't bad but do have plenty of flash and needed some clean up. Yesterday 16x Crusader EW infantry arrived and were painted up last night. I really, really like the sculpts for the Crusader range, easy to paint, great details and no flash- they are my favourites so far. However, I didn't get any of their SMG armed infantry as their SMGs are stupidly oversized and look completely silly. I think I'll be getting some Artizan SMG infantry next time I add to the force as I've yet to find any early war SMG infantry I'm happy with.

The force so far:

A stug D (Blitzkrieg minis IIRC)

 A hanomag and 222 armoured car (both Warlord Games)  are the  two other mobile elements. I want to add a couple of trucks as well. My aim is to represent a battlegroup of the Gross Deutschland Div in the early days of the invasion of France-the Gross Deutschland were one of the few units supported by the still experimental stug assault guns.

2x squads of infantry and one of pioneers.

I've still a MMG, 81mm mortar and anti-tank gun to complete the force, and still a bit of highlighting to go.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

BA- 82nd Airborne final support options

The last couple of bits and pieces, the support for my 82nd Airbonre:

The M16 Quad AA half track.
 Oop, still got to do the spade.

 And a 57mm AT gun.

So 1000pts ready to go. Hopefully Kent is up for a game this week.


BA- 82nd Airborne Done

I've finished the infantry component of my 82nd Airborne project for Bolt Action. The figures are a mixture of Black Tree Design and Warlord Games. The BTD are one of their nicer ranges and I'd recommend them to anyone looking for more variety in their forces (though I dislike the SMG guys and got far to o many useless prone guys in my order). I've just my M16 half track and 57mm AT gun crew to go (both painted and washed, awaiting highlights tonight).

This is the first time I've used the Warlord Games transfers for the divisional patches and think they are well worth the extra effort.

The force is:

  • Lt and NCO
  • Observer
  • 60mm mortar team
  • sniper team
  • bazooka team
  • 3x infantry squads (2 with LMGs)
  • 1x pathfinder squad

 The officers and observer
 Pathfinders and vet para squads
 Regular para squads with LMGs
 The infantry assembled

 LMG teams

Overall I am very happy with how they turned out and can't wait to get them on the table.


Friday, August 15, 2014

BA- Japanese vs Chindits

Dave has finished his Chindit army so it was a chance for me to finally sue my Japanese. We played 850pts each.

I ran:

2x 10 man reg sections (LMGs)
2x Vet sections- 1 with a light mortar
Chi-ha tank

Dave ran a veteran force of
4x 8 mans ections- most had LMGs
Med mortar + observer
light mortar

Basically everything he could field to get to 850pts. We rolled up point defence and he defended.

Dave's chindits- very nice.

The chindits defended the right hand side of the table, spreading out their infantry to cover the three objectives.
 Turn 1 the chi ha advances- it managed to miss every time it fired all game!
 Veterna infantry advance.
 As do the chindits on the right, as they move to take up more advantageous positions.
 Two sections (1 regualr, the other veterans) support the chi ha on mt right flank.

 In thec entr ethe British prepare to hold the line.

The regular infantry got chewed up (3 men left) but the vets prepared to assault the infantry in the jungle at the bottom right corner.
 On the left the chindits awaited the imminent arrival of the flanking force.
 Ready boys.
 The Japanese commander assualts and kills the sniper team.
 The section in the centre prepare to reinforce the right objective.

 The flanking attack swarms over the objective (the carrier).
 The section from the centre moving to counter my troops about to capture the right objective.
 They assault my troops and in fierce hand to hand fighting the chindts are killed- though i am elft with 2 men left.

In the end we captured 2 out of 3 objectives. The chindits started out with a lot of dice but I managed to pick off a few smaller teams.

A fun game and was good to finally get a chance to use my Japanese- usually I'm facing Kent's Japanese with my Forgotten 14th force.


Taking the piss

Pop quiz what is the difference between these books:



Simple the top ones are the hard copies and retail at 14.99pds the others are electronic kindle versions that retail at... £11.98

The original involved printing costs etc and you end up with an actual book, the kindle version only 3 quid less? Really? Isn't it about time that companies started taking the costs of online publishing seriously, stopped treating consumers as smucks and had prices that reflected the costs involved. Me I'm passing.

Or as they'd say it in the classic Outlaw Josey Wales:

That is all.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

BA- Kiwis vs SS take 2

Tonight Kent popped round for another game tonight. We'd both tweaked our lists. He'd dropped his MMG for an extra 4 infantry (2 in each veteran unit), I'd dropped the 6pdr and recce carrier for the staghound.

We rolled up Point Defence and Kent chose to attack.

The Stuart in the foreground is one of the objectives, a second one is located at the back of the woods in the centre right of the picture.
 A regular platoon in the foreground is pinned by the preliminary bombardment- 4 or 5 units took 2 pins.
The Germans begin to advance through the woods.
 Turn 2 my bombardment arrived, destroying a section of German infantry!
 The stug advances to take up position.

 The Sherman inches forward, surviving a panzerfaust attack.
 The German infantry advance on the treeline just in fornt of the Sherman.

 On my right flank artillery smashes my regular infantry platoon- 7 pins!
 The first shot from the stug desptys the sherman- revenge for the stugs performance last week.
 Having dealt with the sherman threat the German infantry squad advances though cornfields towards my 2nd Maori (commando) platoon. Kent manages to hit and kill half the squad!
 My other regular squad is ordered to advance to spoil the German attack.
 The Maori squad is hit by the SS and cut to pieces.
 Meanwhile the 222 is gunning for the mortar- neither of us realised only infantry can capture objectives, until about now!
 The staghound advances and pours fire on the SS in the cornfield.
 The survivors in the cornfield advace to engage my final Moari section that have arrived form the flank. In a fierce melee we manage to kill all of each thers force- not bad when we are all Vets!
 Shortly thereafter the game ended- due to our taking the eye off the ball with regards to objectives the game was a technical draw but these are the only kiwi survivors (the staghound having survived a stug shell which somehow bounced off its armour). Kent still had an almost intact infantry squad, stug, sniper 222 armoured car and mortar- so it wasn't quite a draw IMO.
Another great game. It started out pretty even but Kent used terrain well and kept his troops intact- 20 veteran SS working closely together takes a lot of stopping! Some great dice rolling for kills also helped his cause.

We are hoping for another game next week.