Thursday, December 11, 2014

More Dwarven Forge caverns

Kent ended up being busy last night so I got some more work done on the new Dwarven Forge caverns for our Dungeons and Dragons games.

The painting is coming along nicely.  This time round I only bought 3 core sets and 4 add-ons as in our games we tend to just break out the tiles for larger battles so only use a couple of rooms at a time rather than explore a whole dungeon. Still, I'm keen to get some more add-ons once they are available though the Dwarven Forge store. Unfortunately the light is a bit washed out this evening but still, you get the idea.

And with the painted waterways set added:


Monday, December 8, 2014

Rubicon 28mm Sherman

Today my 28mm M4A3 Sherman from Rubicon Moels arrived. What can I say, its a very nice kit. EIt was easy to assemble, I put the model together within 20 minutes. The instructions are clear and easy to follow; the mold is crisp and well detailed. It really is a beautiful model and I can't recommend it highly enough.

I made mine as a 105mm howitzer version but the barrel can be swapped out to make it a standard 75mm M4A3 as well. It also comes with the turret to make the 76mm version. Apparently the model is designed to be made into one or the other but I think it should be simple enough to make the 76mm version and get thrice the options out of the one kit.  It will be used to support my Free French and US paratroop forces.

After about 20 minutes it is finished and ready to be undercoated.

Another hour or so of work and it is ready for the table.

A comparison with the Warlord Games M10- the M10 is a fraction longer but they don't look out of place on the same table.

I will definitely be getting more Rubicon models, they are very, very nice.


Dwarven Forge Kickstarter

Last week my new Dwarven Forge cavern tiles, which were part of their second kickstarter, arrived.

So last night the first set got a quick paint- mainly a very heavy drybrush and detailing a few fungi. I need to give the fungi a wash to tone them down a bit but am happy with the way they turned out and  I like these ones even more than the dungeon tiles from last year.


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Bolt Action- The Free French

I've been busy trying to get my Free French done for Wednesday's game vs Kent. Some highlights etc still to go but got them up to a good table top standard.

We intend to run 1200 pts so I need to run two commands to be able to field it.

1st Platoon
  • Reg HQ
  • 2x Reg squads (SMG, BAR, 6x rifles) 
  • 1x 81mm motar & observer
  • Jeep
  • Greyhound armoured car 
  • M 16 AA half track

2nd Platoon
  • 1x Reg HQ (Goumiers)
  • 2x Vet (Goumier) squads (SMG, BAR, 6x rifles) 
  • 1x Reg Bazooka team
  • 1x M10 Tank Destroyer 

This afternoon I painted up the jeep, M10  and highlighted the Greyhound armoured car.

The camo nets are made out of the packing foam that came with the Artizan figures- superglued onto the M10 and then more super glue all over to harden the foam. I've got to get some Free French decals to finish them off.

 The force assembled.
 The new Artizan US infantry in great coats which will be regular Free French infantry.
 2nd Squad.
 1st Goumier Squad (vet tough fighters)
 2nd Goumier Squad (vet tough fighters)
 Bazooka team
 Regular officer and NCO- again Artizan Design figures.
Goumier officer and NCO.

I'm looking forward to getting this force on the table.


Friday, December 5, 2014

BA: WIP French in Italy

Progress on my French, I aim to have them on table vs Kent next week.

First up some artillery barrage markers made from woodlands scenic clump foliage.
 The first squad. Like the res tf the force they are Artizan mini's which are quickly becoming my go to range for WWII figs, great details and paint up very, very easily (minimal flash etc too, much nicer to paint than most Warlord Games metals IMO). These guys will be Vet tough fighters but as they are armed with British gear will use the standard rifles rules not the US autonomic weapon for them.

2nd (slightly blurry) squad. Base coat and wash done last night- stripes still to go on their djabouda. I am probably going to do a different stripe to the first squad.

Command, an Artizan greatcoated American figure as the officer and a Goumier NCO.
 81mm mortar, Also painted up last night.

The start of my regular French. I intend to have 2 squads of regular infantry as the core of the force, equipped by the Americans. These two squads are all made up of Greatcoated Artizan US infantry. I also painted up a bazooka last night but forgot to take a photo of it. In the background is the Greyhound armoured car, also block painted last night (a busy night) and ready for a wash.
Can't wait to get these guys on the table. If my Rubicon Sherman turns up in the enxt few days I shoul have the 1000ptd completed by my Weds game deadline.