Wednesday, January 20, 2016

BA- Free French vs Germans

Kent popped over for another game tonight. He's been busy over the holidays, making some great buildings.

And adding some extra armour to his German list. He tweaked his list to fit them all in, at the expense of a squad if infantry. My force remained the same.

Late in the game a sole German infantry man tried to assault my armourd car but missed.  

Kent's nice new hanomag finally got into action too but didn't make much difference. Like me Kent found half tracks way overcosted for what they do. Lovely brush work on this though.

The game ended up the second major Free French victory in a row. We intend to reverse roles and replay the game in the next week or so.


Thursday, January 14, 2016

Plans for 2016

Hi everyone

It’s been summer holidays down here in NZ so have been off to the bach and surfing, camping in the Southern Alps with the family etc and generally making the most of the summer so not much happening on the gaming front. However, I did manage to get in a game of Bolt Action just before New Year vs Kent and my Free French came away with their first comprehensive win.

I think one of the things that worked in my favour, was deciding to experiment with smoke to shut down his artillery and stug. It was more effective than I'd hoped and was a major factor in the win...

...along with my uber 105mm howitzer than was once again MVP.

Plans for 2016?

Haven’t too many plans regarding wargaming at this stage this year; I hope to get a game in vs Kent in the next week or so but have no projects on the go- or planned. However, I am about to start my largest building project to date. I've decided to renovate my old bach, actually it's something I started planning this time last year. We enjoy our new bach and it is working really well as a holiday home rental/let so my plan is to do up the old bach and move into it- keeping the new place as a rental. 

The old bach is really small (the two bedrooms are less than 9m2 each) so I'm adding a new lounge and upstairs main bedroom and aim to make it my permanent home- hopefully from the end of this year.

It’s been  a year in the making so far but had to wait till my wife finished her studies before we started. Should have building consent in the next few days and will be underway early next month. At this stage I am aiming to spend 3 days a week down there working on the alterations but will depend a bit on work. I had arranged ot cut down to 4 days a week for 2016 but we have just merged with another polytech )so am still trying to renegotiate my hours/contract for this year with the aim of cutting down to 4 days per week while my wife works fulltime as a midwife. 

So I've decided this year is going to be about looking into options to try to set up living in Kakanui fultime, such as exploring  options for work or starting a small business to support myself.  It’s fast approaching time for a major career change I think so have this year to sort out what my next move is going to be. I aim to cut down to part time and get a better work life balance but will need some sort of work as well. I've a few months to try to sort out what I'm going to do for work but I’m really looking forward to the alterations and finally putting a plan into action.

So here is the plans- removing a small section of wall and...

adding a lounge area with a bedroom above. The design is something I came up with the night before finalising the plans with the architect. as it is being built into a hillside decided to step the upstairs back into the hill a bit to make use of th hill slope and give space for a balcony. 

 So with these plans starting may not be so focused on gaming and hobbies for the next few months either but will get the odd game in all going well. 


Thursday, December 17, 2015

BA: Hold the Line

Been a bit busy lately but last week and tonight I finally got a couple of games in vs Kent. Tonight we decided to shake things up a bit and play a modified FoW Hold the Line scenario and, although we were making it up as we went, it worked really well.

I ran my Free French:

  • Vet 1st Lt
  • 3x vet squads
  • 1x tough fighter vets (Goumiers)
  • MMG, Mortar, 105mm howitzer, 75mm Sherman, Greyhound and half track.
Kent ran his SS/FJ mix but swapped his MkIII (he usually runs it as an early war version) for his stug for extra fire power- so lost his flamethrower and panzershrek

  • Vet 1st lt
  • 4x Vet Squads (2x 8 man, 2x 10 men) with a sprinkling of assault rifles. 
  • mortar, 105 recoiless gun, MMG, stug, 222 AC

Since it was my idea Kent got to decide to attack or defend and chose to attack. As with hold the line we played lengthwise.


  • 1/2 defenders on table, rest in reserve. 
  • Each turn roll 1 die for each reserve unit, on a 6 the unit arrives. Next turn it is on a 5+, the following turn a 4+ etc.
  • 2 objectives placed by the attacker at least 12" from the table centreline. The defender could then move one objective up to 6".
  • To win the attacker had to have one uncontested objective at the end of a turn, otherwise the defender won.
  • The defender deployed then the attacked could place all his force on the table at least 24" from the centreline, but could also use flanking forces if they wished. 

That was it really.

I chose 2x rifle squads on table, the 105mm, MMG and mortar.

The table from the Free French lines.The objectives are just in front of the hill and in the right rear corner of the area of scrub/copse on the left. One squad and the MMG are on the hill, the other squad is in the hedge row at the top of the wooded area.

And from the German perspective.

Germans advance towards the ruined house.

The stug advances, covering some infantry on the German left flank, the rest of the German force is heading towards the copse.

Turn 2 the Sherman arrives and misses the stug in the distance. The two red markers are to represent dead mortarmen- Kent's mortar took out mine, and his was taken out by a direct hit from the 105mm howitzer (the first of 4 units it claimed!)

 Return fire fro the stug immobilised the Sherman at the start of turn 3 but in return the 105mm ranged in with its first round and blew up the stug!

On the French left flank the German infantry mass and overcome my squad

 Turn 4: With the US squad destroyed the Germans stream though the copse towards the objective which was now undefended - luckily my reserves finally arrive.

The 222 hits the French half track.

Free infantry prepare to assault the advancing Germans.

Outnumbered the French inflict 3 casualties but are wiped out. Still, it may slow the Germans down a bit.

 The Goumiers now arrive and, supported by the Greyhound, advance.

The smoke represents where the 105 has just destroyed a squad of Germans, its 4th 6 to range in in a row. So far it has accounted for: the 105, the stug and now a squad of infantry!

Goumiers and SS trade blows at the end of turn 6. I'm just hanging on but Kent has lost half his units. Alas we rolled and got a turn 7.

The goumiers get shredded by SMG and assault rifle fire and my last squad on the hill desperately try to run over to contest but are out of range.

 End of turn 7, Kent survives a break test and so wins the game!

A real nail biter, and the mission worked really well. My artillery was MVP knocking out 3 squads/units, the mortar claimed another kill of the 5 German squads/units knocked out.

We are going to swap roles on the same table over the holidays and see how it goes, only tweak at this stage is to allow the defenders to start dug in.


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Bolt Action- Free French vs Fallschrimjager

Kent asked for a game late yesterday and since we haven't gamed in quite a few weeks I jumped at the opportunity and grabbed one of my lists.

We decided to play Maximum Attrition as it had been a while and wanted a simple game.

I took my Free French
Reg HQ
2x 8 man Vet squads
2x 8 man Goumier squads (tough fighter)
1x Reg MMG
1x Reg mortar
1x Reg 75mm Sherman
1x Reg Greyhound AC
1x Reg M3A1 Half track
1x 57mm AT Gun

Kent Ran his Fallscrimjager
1x Vet HQ
4x 9-10 man Vet squads(1 with flamethrower)
1x MMG
1x 105mm recoiless gun
1x Panzer Mk III
1x 222 AC
1x Reg Mortar
1x Panzershrek team

Turn1: Panzershrek team advances along a hedgerow

The Free French Sherman advances to the high ground.
On the Free French right flank infantry advance to occupy a copse, supported by the half track which has a second squad embussed.

The German Mk III advances and fires at the Sherman which catches fire! Fortunately the crew remain with their tanks and pout the fire out.

German infantry spread out along the hedgerows.

Turn 2: The panzer III moved forward to engage the Sherman, and avoid the 57mm AT gun,  but missed. The greyhound then put a shell through its side armour and brewed it up. First blood to the French. The Sherman then reversed of the hill after being hit by the 105mm recoiless gun.

Meanwhile two squads and the MMG team advance with the 222 armoured car.

The US MMG team takes up position on the hill but two men are killed by the Germans in the hedgerow before they can deploy. Just out of sight my infantry squad move out and destroy the panzershrek but in return are hit by the German 105 and obliterated to a man.

Meanwhile the pins are mounting on the half track, the men aboard have jumped out but the half track itself isn't going anywhere- and is eventually pinned out of the game. In the distance you can see the 222 armoured car which is responsible for some of the pins.

Next round and there were 8 pins!

The Sherman continues to move towards the right flank but is hit by the panzershrek which needed a 2+ to immobilise/destroy it and rolled a...1. The Sherman was pinned out of the game though as the crew were not able to do anything else in the game. My regular 1st lietenant had run over to get the Sherman moving but he was cut dwon by rifle fire from the hedges.

In the past couple of turns the armoured cars duke it out without causing any damage,

The Germans then attacked the now undefended hill...

Only my mortar team, the lone MMG gunner and 57mm are on the reserve slope.

On the far right some brutal assualts go in vs the infantry in the copse. Both sides lose a squad over several bloody assaults.
So after a promising start Kent once more got himself back into the game and we ended with a 6-5 draw. A good hard fought game. more open terrain than we usually use and that made for more of a " game of trying to suppress rather than assualt but still lots of fun tactical decisions needed to be made.

Well, the half track was disappointing and underwhelming so will be ditched for some more infantry (maybe the Russian slogans ion its sides confused the crew). I will be upgrading my officer to a veteran and adding another MMG team instead- although it got hammered I really like the RoF 6 MMG, much more useful. I think I will also swap the 57mm for a bazooka for a bit more mobility and see how that goes.

Thoroughly enjoyed the game after several weeks without any gaming and hope for a rematch soon.


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Dux Bellorum- Welsh Completed

Some reinforcements from Gripping Beast arrived the other day so I have been able to complete the last couple of stands for my Welsh, some support from on high (Monks) and a second stand of cavalry.

All the figures, like the rest of the army actually, are from Gripping Beast.

Like the rest of the army I've tried to keep a "red" theme with the shield designs-a gain thanks to LMBS.

The Welsh horde assembled. Looking at this photo, I think I've some work to do on the flag, changing the green and blue tails to maroon to better fir the theme.

All up there are:
1x Noble Companions
1x Mounted (or Ordinary) Riders/Cav
1x mounted skirmishers
5x Warriors (including one of nobles or foot companions)
1x Skirmishers (bow)
1x Monks

The warriors.