Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lasalle- Russians vs French 1812

Kent and I managed a game at his place tonight. Andrew joined us to help co-command the Russian attack. Kent decided to take the Young Guard supported by a brigade of light infantry vs our Grenadier Division + Guards Cuirassiers.

A view of the Russian lines.

The French artillery

The Russian positions

The advance begins

The Russian infantry advance in the centre.

Kent sends his light infantry forward on his left flank.

The Russians take up position to repel the French.

On our left flank Andrew sends forward Pavlov's Grenadiers.

Kent also throws forward his infantry.

Pavolovs Grenadiers drive off another French assault, destroying a battalion.

In the centre a Russian battalion is destroyed, another charges the French...

And routs them.

Guards Cuirassiers arrive early.

On the Russian right St Petersburg Grenadiers await the onslaught. My plan is to hold with our right and smash the French centre and left.

But the Grenadiers are routed in hand to hand combat.

More confused fighting on the Russian left flank.

In the centre Cuirassiers deploy.

Pavlov Grenadiers charge the French guns.

My artillery redeploys.

Result:We were decimated, losing 5 battalions- mainly to attacks vs artillery. Another fun game, I'm sure we made a few mistakes but we are getting the hang of it. We wouldn't want any more stuff than this on a 6x 4 table though.

Well done Kent.


  1. Very nice looking game Craig. Beautiful figures and terrain.

  2. Lovely looking board and fun commentary!


  3. A few doormats and homemade hedges & MDF + permafilla roads and river. Nice terrain can be done cheaply!

    Kent and I were joking: you know when a wargamer has moved into the neighbourhood- all the doormats go missing!

    We aren't sure if we have too many hedges though. Still getting the hang of the game so will experiment with different amounts of terrain.

    I prefer to try to let the pictures tell the story and just add minor comments to the narrative- hopefully the pictures capture the action and give a reasonable feel for the game.

    Alas Kent is busy next week so it will be two weeks before we get to try again


  4. Game looks stunning as always Craig.

    Yep. Still keen as to get into Laselle...

    Demo Game is going to be Awesome!


  5. Anyone down your way interested in Napcon this month? We are having some laid back Lasalle games over the weekend. Armies can be borrowed if need be.

  6. Was tempted but no seats available from Timaru due to the Rugby.