Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cuirassiers + Horse Artillery

One unit of Cuirassiers done (the Life Guards, Division of the Guard), one more to go.

The Horse artillery

The Life Guards


  1. Nice one Craig. The Lasalle Demo is going to tuen more then a few heads!

  2. Cheers guys- even a pretty basic basing job- static grass, some Silflor autumn clumps and a bit of Woodlands Scenic's clump foliage can lift the figures. A uniform basing just makes the entire army look better.

    Alas Jason my Russians won't be involved- nut will be if we do some one on one game son day 2. I have to paint up a French force for Conquest- the main problem being I have no interest in painting a French force!

    I was intending to make a Duchy of Warsaw force but they would not be appropriate for the game we intend to put on- so I may have to force Kent to paint a few more battalions instead.I guess though an allied brigade of French to add to Kent's forces(4 Battalions + artillery) won't kill me to paint.

    One a brighter note, I am already well underway for a demo game for the 200th Anniversary of Borodino next year!


  3. they cav look awesome Craig man you are goin for it you'll wear out your brushes can you pic me up for game mid week