Thursday, August 4, 2011

Update on the Grenadiers

A productive week. I've painted up an based 7 1/2 stands of grenadiers (why a half? I've run out of figures- I'm two short, a slight miscalculation!) However I've more arriving soon as I ordered enought o make 24 figure battalions, so I'll have an extra battalion (or near enough). So I have almost a third of my initial six infantry battalions required for Lasalle done. Hopefully I can get them done in the next couple of weeks so Kent and I can at least field some basic forces to get to grips with the rules again.

I also have run out of static grass so that stage will have to wait a bit too. I've also got to finish the Mitres on one stand. I'm still not happy with the skin tones so will continue to experiment till I get a look I'm happy with- at present I'm using GW elf flesh (the only flesh tones Ive got) and a watered down Ogryn wash followed by a highlight of elf flesh (although the stands I did tonight have yet to have the last highlight).

I have added a bit of black to Vallejo Russian Green to darken the base coat then highlighted with Russian Green and then German Luftwaffe Green. I also have experimented with a new way of doing the bases. In the past once I'd glued down the sand I would undercoat the whole base black, then dry brush the dark brown and light brown colours. I've simply removed the black undercoat step and the bases still look okay, and will look even better once static grass, Silflor clumps and some woodland scenic clump foliage is added. I also hope my GMB flags arrive in the next few days to finish off the battalions.



  1. Excellent work Craig. The green looks very good. You have been very busy, great effort.

  2. Hi,

    They look good. I have some Pavlov's painted but still need to finish the rest of my 28 Russians and I'm tempted to now !