Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lasalle- Russians vs French 1812

Here are a few shots of our first 28mm game of Lasalle. We decided to simply do a "meeting engagement" to get the hang of the rules.

The Russians deploy.

And the French- Kent fielded all he had painted (about 8 battalions + a unit of Cuirassiers, I had my Cuirassiers in reserve).

Another shot of the Russian lines.

The French advance.

My plan was to hold my right flank with some artillery and 2 battalions while 4 infantry battalions advanced up the centre and left flank.

One of the main reasons for refusing my right flank- Cuirassiers.

My grenadiers deploy into line.

Meanwhile the French are about to "liberate" a Russian hovel.

The first Russian assault goes in- but is repulsed after inconclusive fighting.

Let's try that again! The french counter attack.

The Russians are forced to withdraw and regroup.

Meanwhile the Cuirassiers deploy into line- and are then targetted by the artillery and Grenadiers.

Steady boys... steady.

The cavalry are destroyed.

About face! My infantry have turned to try to help my other artillery battery (who somehow managed to hold off an infantry attack)

But with that threat removed the Grenadiers turn around again to face the advancing French who have just smashed a battalion.

End game. We ran out of time after 9 turns. My reserves still hadn't arrived. We had both lost two battalions/regiments and the game was stating to get interesting. The last 3-4 turns were much faster and we were starting to get the hang of things.

Final positions

A fun game. We started to get the hang of it (after 2 years!) and next week should get a result. My Russians will be attacking the French- which is motivation to get the other two grenadier battalions done.


  1. I've played LaSalle a few times and really enjoyed. Eventually I will collect some stuff for it.
    Great looking game btw!!!!


  2. great pictures Craig i really enjoyed the game and have just spent my morning tea at work painting the red on my dragoons i'll have them done for the game next week and i might even start the next box.