Tuesday, August 16, 2011

28mm Russian Artillery

Well with work closed due to the snow yesterday I was able to paint up a battery of 5 Russian guns (all Front Rank figures). Unfortunately although it snowed most of last night about 5 am this morning it started raining so it was back to work today :(

Tonight's job is to start on a battery of horse artillery. I should be able to field almost the complete force next week at this rate.


  1. They look beautiful Craig. Excellant. I have had two days off now with the snow but back to normal tomorrow.

  2. Really great looking battery of guns! To bad no more snow.;-)


  3. you are completely mad maybe that why we do so well, I'm almost finished another 3 battalions of infantry started another two last night and my 5.5inch guns

  4. Very nice, especially for 1 days work! Would have taken me 2 weeks of evenings. What frontage did you pick?