Friday, August 12, 2011

6 Battalions finished

I painted up the last 12 figures last night to finish the 6th battalion, so since last Monday I've managed to paint about 94 28mm figures- which I think must be some sort of record for me. Only the basing to do in the last three stands so I've now broken the back of the job. Next up it is 10 artillery pieces and I hope to be able to field the force in two weeks time vs Kent.

I've a weekend of FoW ahead. Tonight Kent and I are running our biggest ever forces, 2000pts Mid War. I'm taking a US armoured company, he's got panzer IV company. We don't usually bother with bigger points totals but its Kent's son's birthday so we've created a couple of forces for his son and his friends to us- we organised a birthday game last year or the year before and the boys enjoyed it. Our job should be to simply assist them with how things are done.

Then tomorrow I'm off up to Christchurch for a game vs Ian on his absolutely stunning terrain boards. He's finally finished rebasing all his forces so we are having a game to celebrate. Hopefully I'll have a few pictures to put up on Sunday.



  1. 98 figures, that's some going!! Sounds like you've got a great few days ahead, good to here the kids are getting involved, young blood is always needed in the hobby.

  2. I don't know how you do it! That's an amazing effort. Great work. Bring your woolies, it's freezing in CHCH tonight, and more snow on the way.

  3. Yeah, am a bit concerned about the forecast- we missed the snow you guys got a coupe of weeks ago, but this one looks like could get us too. I will be taking the 4WD just in case and if it looks like setting in tomorrow evening may just drive back tomorrow night before the roads get too bad. We'll wait and see- after all we don't always get the forecast snow (or get it when its not forecast at all.

    As for the painting- while inspired I get stuck in but once motivation goes it's on to my next (or a previous) project- so its a case of making hay while the sun is shining :) Which is one of the reasons I can't paint for other people- I need the goal of fielding the force on table to motivate me, painting something I'm not really interested in for someone else just doesn't appeal. I am really looking forward to a few pictures of our first 28mm game in 2 weeks time.


  4. Wow, that's all I can say Wow :)

    That's a lot of work done is a short time, well done mate :)

    We had a game of Republic to Empire last week and was alot of fun, but alas we got tied up in the game and I forgot to take a couple pics, but it was a sad day for Mother Russia :(

    looking forward to your game report and drive safe.