Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pavlovski Grenadiers- completed

The rest of my Front Rank order arrived on Friday. I now have more battalions than I had originally planned for since going down to 16 figure rather than 24 figure units. I will definetley be using Front rank again, they are fantastic figures.

I've just finished the bases and have used GMB Design flags for the standards- they are well worth the price. They are very, very nice!

I managed to catch the last of the afternoon sunshine, the figures looks so much better photographed in real sunlight. I am pretty pleased with the final product!

Hopefully next time will be some shots of my first Grenadier battalion which are about to be started.


  1. Beautiful work Craig. Very nice basing too. I agree with you on the GMB flags.

  2. They look really nice Craig i might have to look at getting some french flags

  3. Pretty! Very pretty. I didn't realise Russian Grenadiers are small units, I thought everything in the russian army was a large unit!