Sunday, August 22, 2010


Game 1 v Lewis & his Ancient Britons

The only good enemy general is....surrounded!

Game 2 vs Tim & his Ptolemaic Egyptians (2-4 loss)

Note my light horse at the very top left of the screen- 3 light horse vs a psiloi and an auxilia. This will be a doddle...

Then there were 2! One LH fled off table.

Note the knight. I think I may have killed the psiloi with my LH then the auxilia retreated and Tim charged his knight into my LH flank, forcing us to both fight in bad going (2 vs 0) and whoever lost died... I lost!

And this sums up my luck vs Tim! His general is flanked and the door well and truly closed, he needs to roll better than me to stay alive... I roll a 1, he rolls 6. I die. Game to Tim!

Game 3 (1-2 draw) vs Brian's Late (?) Imperial Romans
The BUA has an artillery piece which I avoided like the plague. The hills are all steep and Brian moved quickly to form a solid defence so we sparred a lot without much success.

There was a lot of shuffling as my blades treid to line up with his bow and his bow tried the same with vs my knights.

Things are finally starting to open up for both of us but we ran out of time.

Game 4 (4-1) vs Keith's Carthaginians who had invaded the steppe.

The battlelines close.

The decisive combat- it could go either way but my dice rolled well- I killed the Carthaginian light horse and then an elephant.

It's about all over- 3 dead elements.

On the other flank I ran down an auxilia with my knights for the win.

Game 5 vs Stephen's Mid Imperial Romans
Umpiring duties had got to Stephen. He deployed is auxilia in the gentle hills of the steppe and his blades opposite the rough going!

Too much good going terrain to save Stephen as we closed.

Game 6: Final vs Mark Bradley (Patrician Romans)
We had fought our way across the steppe and into the rich Roman farmlands. Getting his auxilia out of those woods could be a problem but I outnumbered him 4 knights to 3.

Unless he advances out himself...

After this point I became too engrossed in the game. His knights eventually closed and after a round of inconclusive combats I killed one, then ran down the auxilia in the open.

The Players
Lewis (left) and Tim (right). The future of gaming. Its great to see young guys at the club who are into historics rather than 40K! Tim is a very, very competent player and you underestimate him (and his dice) at your peril!

Keith and Dave. Keith is running the DBA section of the World Champs in Wellington next February and Dave is one of the two official umpires. Not sure who won this one- but it was a game that featured 5 elephants IIRC (Classical Indians vs Carthaginians)

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  1. Great pictures! Like the one of Keith already writing up the result at the end of his game.