Sunday, August 15, 2010

HoTT Battle Report

Boris the Beastman vs Rohan

Finn and I had a game of HoTT this morning, the seemingly invincible army of Boris the Beastmen vs the rag tag humans of Rohan (and viking allies). Could Boris' incursions into the human lands be curtailed?

Boris- hero general
2x behmoths
4x warband
1x beasts
1x flyer

Human General
2x knights
4x blades
2x shooters

Finn set up terrain and I defended.

The first turn as the two armies advance.

Inconclusive skirmish between the knights the flyer.

Here they come. Steady...

The beasts are recoiled by archery.

But the warband start carving up the shooters and blades (2-0) This is not looking good!

The other flank starts to crumble too as the blades are cut down by a behemoth...

Flank? What flank?

The human general held off the Ogre Warbands but the rest of his army crumbled. 5-0 to Boris and his behemoths!

Bring out ya dead! The human casualties.


  1. Good stuff Craig.

    Josh has ordered me to assemble and paint two armies by next weekend, so he can beat my army.

  2. Excellent!

    HoTT is a great way to work on the kids maths, just keep things as simple as possible and don't play too long.

    I look forward to hearing how it turns out.