Monday, August 2, 2010

Sassanid Cataphracts

Tonight I started work on my Sassanid cavalry for Impetus.

This is the initial army I am painting up for Impetus is:

1 Average Command 12
1 Fair General 20
1 Poor General 10

1 Cataphracts 35
3 CM Savaran 78
2 CL Pathians 44
1 FL Daylami 19
2 FP Militia 18
2 Elephants 44
2 S Archers 24

I have enough figures for 4x units of Savaran, 2x Cataphracts and 2x Persian light horse. I started tonight by painting up the two units of cataphracts.

The casualty figure is one of my favourites.

The front figure on the left is a second figure falling to bow fire.

I am wondering whether I should have placed them in a single orderly row but was worried that their spears wouldn't fit if I had done. Still, I think they look okay like this. The bases will be finished once I get some more Silflor tufts. Tomorrow night I'll start working on the Savaran.

I am really impressed with the quality of the A&A miniatures figures and will definitely be adding to this force! The figures have great detail and are well proportioned. They should fit in well size wise with the Perry ranges and also the Warlord Games Imperial Romans.

Once the army is painted up I intend to get some more Parthian light horse so that I can also morph it into a Parthian army.


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