Wednesday, August 4, 2010

DBA- Alans Battle Reports

I managed 3 games of DBA at the club tonight, using the Alans vs different armies.

Game 1: 3-4 Loss vs my Nemisis, Tim and his Trojans.
3-1 up with knights and somehow I rolled 2 1s on combat dice to lose 2 elements, including my general and he came back to take it 3-4- much to his amusement.

The light horse zip round the flank.

Chariots turn to face the threat.

The Trojan chariots are in trouble- 2 destroyed but alas my knights impale themselves on the wall of spear backed up by psiloi! And thanks to a round of stella dice rolling the knights die, including the general.

Where did I go wrong?

Endgame- 4-3 to the Trojans.

Game 2: 4-2 Vs Tony (Mid Imperial Romans)

Again I got to defend and had pretty open terrain. Tony defended a hill and we jostled for position but eventually I was able to get my knights into action vs his infantry. Most amusing moment was when his line crumbled- all except for the artillery! which bravely recoiled my troops.

A good going hill, was not going to stand in our way! B

Game 3: 4-2 vs Dave with Macedonians
Again close but I eventually turned his pike's flank and rolled up his line.

My light horse overlap and kill the enemy light horse.

The highlight was killing an elephant with my light horse (in the next turn)

Three good fun games. The light horse can be handful but are definitely fragile and once we got into combats I never felt sure that I was going to be in control of the outcome. The army hits hard but you are never quite sure what is gong to happen next. The chaotic light horse zipping everywhere definitely suit my style of play and can cause problems for defences, if I get to defend and dictate terrain as I did tonight!

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