Monday, August 23, 2010

DBA- War of the Ring

We had a quick rematch after tea tonight, this time with 12 elements per side.

  • 4x Blades inc. General
  • 3x warband
  • 2x trolls
  • 1x bows
  • 2x light horse (warg riders)

  • 4x Cav inc. general
  • 4x spear
  • 2x aux
  • 2x bows

Warg riders advance

Rangers (Aux) move to intercept the warg riders.

Battle is about to be joined.

An indecisive first round- despite some great match ups (orc blades vs bow).

This time the orcs have more success, killing 2x elements.

Rohan's attempt to destroy the warg riders is repulsed.

A similar outcome on the other flank.

A lucky round for Rohan repulsing 2 potentially game ending attacks- the Cav winning 6-5.

The next round they are not so lucky, losing another cavalry element.

Success at last- we run down the warg rider.

Game, set and match! Having dealt with the warg riders the cavalry attacks the Urak Hai from behind, a win would force them to be destroyed as they couldn't recoil- the dice say it all :)

4-1 Well played by Finn.

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