Friday, August 20, 2010

HoTT: Urak Hai

The initial force Urak Hai force is now re-based:

  • 1x Orc Hero General
  • 2x trolls (behemoths)
  • 2x warg riders (riders)
  • 3x Urak Hai Scouts (warband)
  • 1x Urak Hai crossbows (shooters)

Eventually I'll add another warband and a second unit of crossbows and get rid of the hero.

I also based up 2x bases of Rohan and 3x Rangers so can field a more varied Rohanesque force.

The initial Rohan force will be:
  • 1x Hero General
  • 4x riders
  • 2x shooters
  • 4x Blades
Finn is keen to use the Urak Hai/Isengard army so hopefully we'll get a chance in the next few days


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