Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sassanids- The end is in sight!

Last night I painted up 2x stands of Sassanid infantry as I wanted a break from painting horses! They are not quite finished but are pretty close.

I'd like to add a couple more stands of these guys eventually, rubbish troops but they look good!

So that means I've only 2x stands of Skirmishers and 2x stands of Parthian Light Horse to have to the 300 pt force ready for Wednesday evenings game. I'm busy the next couple of nights so all going well I'll get the last 4 stands done on Monday and Tuesday evening and then it will be time to start the next project...

My Syrian Cavalry arrived this week and so I have a lot more cavalry to paint- 20x Ghulams, and 10x Turkoman light horse. I still need 3x stands of Syrian cavalry and am tempted to get Perry's for those, I'm just deciding between 3 or 4 figure per base. I was a bit worried about the OG figures, they an be a bit hit or miss, especially in 15mm, but so far have been pleased with all my 28mm purchases. The figures seem cleanly cast and look like (size and proportions) they will fit in nicely with the Perry's I've already got. So hopefully by the end of next week I'll be able to get cracking on the Syrians while Kent gets to work on his Crusaders. I also received the rest of my Crusaders- Norman knights and Spearmen by Crusader miniatures but since Kent is going to be working on his force I'll leave mine for a while.

My plan, in case you have not figured it out, is to build matched pairs of forces or ones that can easily be morphed (thus one of my next goals is to get a few more A&A Parthians to morph the Sassanids to Parthians too) and eventually grow the core forces to a couple of commands, and/or to 3-4 historical opponents. This is easy (and cheap) enough to do in 15mm but is a bit more expensive and time consuming in 28mm. I aim to paint 2 bases per night and paint 3-4 nights per week so it takes a couple of weeks per Impeuts 300 pt/DBA sized force of 12-14 bases.

Still, I have been plowing through the backlog, its just the backlog keeps growing!


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