Thursday, August 19, 2010

Flames of War Missions

Over the past few months I've been taking it easy on Flames of War and concentrating on ancients. I usually play about 100 games of FoW a year including tournaments but have been taking it very easy this year and have probably only played 20 or so games, and none since Southcon at Queens Birthday in June.

Over the years I've created a number of Flames of War missions, some of which have appeared on the Battlefront website. Most were written for 1st edition and were based on issues we identified (after many many games of Flames of War) with some of the early missions (eg Cauldron) or to add a different type of scenario to the standard mix.

Envelopment, for example, was developed to try and encourage people to use fortifications more as few people were playing Big Push or other fortification missions, and was an attempt to make fortifications more likely in tournaments (as only a few eere needed). Of course the last couple of years have seen a number of army lists that can use fortifications so this is now not such an issue.

We have used these missions in a number of tournaments.

Some of these Missions have recently been updated to second edition and are now in PDF form on the Battle Front website.

The Flames of War Missions I've written over the years include:
  • Envelopment
  • Counter-Attack
  • Dawn Attack
  • Stem-the-Tide
The first two are on the BF website, not sure abut Dawn Attack although it used to be.

I've written a few Axis of Attack Campaigns which are on the BF website:
  • Kursk
  • Battle of the Ukraine
  • Hill 112


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