Wednesday, August 18, 2010

DBA Alans battle report

Good news

Dave can now play TAGCON so we are back to 10 players, so no byes.

Managed to get in 3 playtests with the Alans tonight but alas forgot to take my camera!

Game 1: 4-1 vs Lewis' Ancient Britons.
Lewis deployed in 2 wings and was not able to get his warband across fast enough to support his cavalry & chariots which got run over by knights and light horse.

Game 2: 3-4 vs Tony's Late Imperial Romans (East)
Truly a game where I snatched defeat from the jaws of victory! 3-1 up I failed for 3 rounds to kills an auxillia (in the open!) with a knight which only needed to roll higher than he did to defeat it and destroy it and so win the game! Grrr, after that I deserved to get steamrolled when Tony's threw caution to the wind to try to grab points.

I did also manage to sack his BUA on turn 1 in a blade vs blade combat!

Game 3: 4-2 vs Stephen's Nubian Christians
A reverse of the game vs Tony- I managed to kill his general after a knight recoiled away from a camel and gave me 4-2 advantage for having the Cavalry general isolated and flanked on both sides! Up to that point it was close but looking like victory was going to be Stephen's.

Lessons Learned
The dice still hate me!

There were a few light horse vs light horse engagements- which I always dread as they can be so random! However, I've decided that having 3 light horse in such situations is better than 2, and 5 is even better! I am tempted to go with 6x light horse on occasion to get 3 working on each flank but have yet to try this (usually I take: 4x knights, 5x light horse, 2x blades and a psiloi)

So roll on the weekend, hopefully the light horse can annoy a few opponents


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  1. Great little Auxilia there! Know what you mean about LH. Have fun at TagCon!