Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Impetus Battle Report

Sassanid Persians vs Imperial Romans

Kent had made only one change to his previous list by dropping a unit of cavalry and adding an extra unit of bows. We both took 2 commands and Kent set up the terrain with a couple of woods and a hill on one flank.

We definitely need to start working on some desert inspired terrain!

The Sassanids weighed their left flanks with cavalry, cataphracts and elephants while the infantry held the right. The Romans went for a more even deployment with legionnaires supported by auxilia and bows in each command. The Roman general faced the Sassanid cavalry- obviously keen for glory! As it turned out for both sides it was a race to crush one flank before the other gave way.

The Roman commands prepare to face the onslaught.

On the Sassanid right the infantry hold their ground.

The elephants turn to help the right flank while the cavalry closes on the Roman position.

And again.

Auxilia and Sassanid cavalry clash.

The elephants wheel once more. The red markers indicate disorder.

Meanwhile the other Roman wing moves forward- the Parthian light horse attempts to slow them down.

The battle line fragments into numerous smaller skirmishes.

What happened to the elephants? They fell to some lucky dice rolling by the legionnaires!

The game ended shortly thereafter with the Parthian light horse holding off and killing a unit of Auxilia to snatch the win. Once again the game went to the wire with the next unit lost costing one side or the other the game. Both sides also lost one general.

Nigel and Tony joined us part way through and seemed to enjoy it- the battle swung backwards and forwards and having 2 commands per side really added to the drama and uncertainty. It was the most enjoyable game yet!

Next time I think I'd strengthen the infantry command with a unit of cavalry or even elephants, and one of the skirmisher stands. It held but only just!


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