Sunday, August 22, 2010

10mm HoTT

This morning we had a game of Big Battle HoTT at TAGCON- 3x undead commands vs 3x Goblins. The game featured 3x 8 year old generals, a 15 yar old and Tony, Stephen and me as the old hands.

i'd like to report a glorious victory to the undead but we were well and truly crushed- 2 of our wizards became ensorcelled and another hero general fell to a dragon.

The undead figures are all Warmaster 10mm and the Goblins, which belong to Tony or Dave, are mainly Kalistra (I think)

The game was a lot of fun and the kids enjoyed themselves- which is the main point after all!

Not a fan of 40k or other sci-fi games, they just don't interest me at all. However a couple of the 40k tables at TAGCON really impressed me. One is by one of our local players, Richard and features a Warp gate and cool temple like setting. The other was from some of the Christchurch gamers (I think).



  1. The 40k terrain looks excellent. I think I might save those for inspiration.

  2. The warp gate looks a lot more impressive in the flesh- I was very impressed with both tables.