Monday, April 2, 2012

Coming up this week...

Yet another slight diversion. My order from War and Peace Games is yet to arrive so the Carthaginians are now on the back burner till I get hold of some spears. Kent is keen to join me in this project but also wants to go Carthaginiians, which is fine and gives me even more reason to get the Aventine Republican Romans started. Eventually we'll have 300 pts each so we can do bigger games by combining forces.

Dave is keen on Imperial Romans so we've decided to do a 600 pt per side Impetus game this (Easter) Saturday, with 2x 300 pt commands per side. It will be a civil war inspired game my (mainly Warlord Games) Imperial Romans with German allies vs Kent's recently completed Foundry Romans. Of course that means trying to finish my German (and Romans) in time.

Tonight I've based up 3x stands of Roman Bows (Foundry figures from Kent IIRC) and also rebased my 3 stands of Roman Auxilia on bigger (light foot) bases to convert them to light infantry- andd they are now 4 bases worth (6 figs per base). I also made and painted a stand of German cavalry (I need 4) using Warlord Games Celt Cavalry. I didn't really like the plastic warriors as Cavalry so have made a couple of new General types by using the torso from Gripping Beast Vikings and the Saxon helms- probably a bit later than the battle we will be fighting but they'll be okay for part of my Generic German horde. So it looks like a busy week getting ready for this game

I'll post some pictures once finished. 


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