Friday, April 6, 2012

If you build it....

If you build it they will come. The table for tomorrow's game. 600 pts per side on an 8x 6 table. Somewhere in Germania an upstart general his gathered his legions and some German allies and is marching back to Rome to take control of the Senate. Hastily gathered legions loyal to the Ceasar have hastily assembled to stop him. 

300 Pt Imperial Romans (Dave)
  • Average Command
  • Commander: Fair (+2)
  • 2x  CM Equites Alares*
  • 3x FP Legionnaires*
  • 3x FL Auxillaries*
  • 1x Scorpio, Ballistra
  • 3x T Regular Archers
300 pt Ancient Germans (Craig)
  • Command: Poor (range 20cm)
  • Commander: Fair (+2)
  • 1x FL Elite Warband large (Gen)
  • 2x FL  Warband (large)
  • 2x FL  Warriors
  • 2x FL Macemen
  • 4x CM with hundreds
  • 4x S Javelinmen

Kent and Stephen will also be fielding legions so we will simply dice to see who is allied with whom.



  1. Great looking table Craig. Good luck with the game.

  2. Hi Craig - looking forward to seeing it.

    Maybe link to it on the SI wargaming forum. You are inspiring me toward another Impetus Crusade lol Kent's force is looking cool too.