Saturday, April 14, 2012

Black Tree Design Germans

Last weekend I decided to order some metal Germans to make my horde well, more Germanic looking. I wanted more variety than the Warlord Games plastics give, and also a few hairer figures so with some trepidation I ordered some Black Tree Design Ancient Germans. Why the trepidadation? I've ordered some BTD Muslims before but they are just too big compared to the Perry's to use in my Crusades armies so I was a bit concerned that I would have the same problem with the WG Germans. Also, on TMP it seems that  some people have had issues in the past with orders arriving in a timely fashion. Despite this I decided too order some figures last Satruday or Sunday (Easter), The order was sent on Monday or Tuesday and arrived here in rural NZ today- can't complaint about that.

The figures are as well detailed as I'd hoped they would be, nice moulds, and plenty of variety. They also fit in well with the WGs figures both is size and sculpting style so no need to worry there either. Painted up they should make an excellent addition to the horde.

I hope that these photos give a good comparision between the two ranges.



  1. A strong start, the figurines are beautiful ... and terrific... is it a head he holds in his hand?

  2. It took 2.5 years for BTD to complete my order so you must have the luck of the gods :)


  3. I'd heard bad press about them- I last ordered mid 2010 (only other order) and everything arrived promptly- except my archers whch took a month- 6 weeks. So I can only comment on my experience which has been excellent in this case.

    I really love these mini's- 24 figs all different poses Have almost finished 3 stands worth tonight. Am off on holiday for a week tomorrow with no computer access but will try to get the bases finished tonight and photos before I go.

    Yes a head- one of the acccessories on the Warlord Gaes Celts sprunes