Monday, April 30, 2012

Tempest 2012- MW Tankovy- Game 3

If you a hate blue on blue games (like I do) please ignore the next report.

I was up against Dave Evans andd his fealress vet Ausssie Div Cav (which was on my original ideas list). Dave was running:HQ Honeys & carriers, 1x carrier patrol, 3x crusaders, 2x 6pdrs, 2x grants & a shermans, bofors.

Modified Free-for-all.
This was using Stephen S’s FFA- played diagonally so objectives end up  in the corners- makes for much more depth than a standard game so is quite interesting and makes for a fun version of FFA with sweeping flanking moves possible.

Vals and BA 64 square off against Grants & Sherman,
 Crusaders hold the centre for Dave.
 Vals and BA 64s prepare to advacne. The T34s ae just out of shot to the right- hull down on a low hill.
I stated by duking it out with the heavy tank platoon (grants and shermans) with the Valentine's and T34s but after 2 turns had only managed a single hit- while losing 2x T34s (even though I was stationary and hull down and so had a minimum of 7 before folloiwng saves!). Dave siimply lept saving everything and it wasn't until turn 3 I finally managed to destroy a grant and then the next turn  managed to knock out the last of the British heavy armour then I managed to take out the 6pdrs at little cost and things were looking up.
 The epic dual continues.
Meanwhile the T70 were retreating from the crusaders and honeys but managed to roll better armour saves and eventually killed the crusaders- which then left Dave with no AT of note. He threw the carrier patrols at the objective. 
 Vals engage the 6 pdrs- they knocked these out.
Dave got aggressive with his carrier patrols, drivving past the T70s to the objective to try and use thei 50 cals to ruin the T70s day.
 When that didn't work he wnt after my solf BA 64 unit- whch came off 2nd bst from the ensuring 50 cal vs anti-tank rifel scrap.
 Once again my BA 64 mananged tho fail theri morale test (3 fails from 3 for the day!). By now though the Vals had switcheed targets to help out the T70s.

With only a command Stuart left Dave was now in serious trouble. Tghe T34s wandered accross the board and grabed an objective.

Again it was much closer than it appears. Each turn when conscripts you don’t know what will die, so no plans work out as intended. At the beginning of the game Dave couldn't roll under a 5 for armour saves and my tanks could not scratch his Grants/ Shermans. Near the end it was my turn to keep rolling high which left the T70s surviving vs the fearless crusaders.

Another fun game on a misison I really enjoy.

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