Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ancient Germans + Auxilia

Here are a few of this weeks figures. My rebased auxilia- originally they were on my "Heavy foot" bases (8 figures on a 8cm x 5cm base) now they have been converted to light foot- (8x 6cm bases) and 6 figs per base in more open order- so I now get 4 bases worth rather than 3.

German Cavalry for this weekend's game.

Converted Germans- a mixture of Warlord Games Celt horses and Gripping Beast plastic vikings + a GB plastic Saxon helm on the front one. I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out- but as per usual my shieldds are pretty average. 

My Carthaginian's arrived today (Crusader ancient Spanish as well as Carthaginian & Spanish Cav) so I should continue on that particalar project once I've finished the Imperial Roman archers for Saturday's game.

Tomorrow night though, 400 pts of Crusades battle using Impetus- can the Seljuks luck hold? 



  1. Auxilia wedges! They are my favourite Warlord Roman figs - bar none.

    We need to get more Impetus games in up here, my own Romans don't get out of their box nearly enough.

  2. Played tonight and a 600 pt game Saturday- the wedges were inspired by your own.

    Have 2-3 of the guys looking into their first 28mm armies too. Finally it's catching on here.