Monday, April 30, 2012

Tempest 2012- MW Tankovy- Game 2

Surrounded vs Xelee's armoured panzer grenadiers

Jamie deployed in a wood with his tiger between the two objectives and the heavy AT came on as his immediate ambush. I split the vals and T34s to try to get one platoon to get flank shots on the tiger. My biggest mistake was probably the deployment of the objectives, I was worried about digging infantry out of a city so put them both on the ones side and so allowed Jamie to defend with everything in a small area- as you can se in this photo. The objective by the bridge should have been near the intersection in the top corner.

 When in doubt...hide.
 The tiger goes huntiing Valentines & T70s.
 So the T34s sneak out to take ona  singel pak 38/97- and fail to destroy it
 Jamie's pak 38s and other pak 38/97 fire on the BA 64s which were trying to get close enough to lift GtG.
 The T34s have now made an opening in the pak line and are about to try to exploit it- so Jamie sends back his tiger to help out.
The tiger has moved back to help out against the T34s while the infantry sit tight and stay gone to ground.
 T70 snuck round getting picked off by paks- loisdng a couple. The T34s came out to deal with a single pak 97/98 but struggled and then the tiger and pak 38s got involved, I managed to lose two T34s and bail 3 and the survivors fled! So much for fearless. I was hoping to last the round and get some shots on the tiger with the T34/57s. 
 Jamie redeploys his tiger to deal with the next threat- the Valentines.
 Which lumber across the bridge and assult the panzer grenadiers. A Valentine as knocked out by the pak 38 then  the Valentines killed a stand (not bad with one hit from a conscript tank). I was hoping Jamie would counter attack and give me the oppprtunity to get a couple more but alas he failed his motivation test and so backed off- leaving my Valentines unable to get out of the LoS of the tiger!
 Let's hide! The T70s meanwhile have been engaging the pak 38/97 and killed the last two but the commander passed several sole survivor tests as he marched off the table (I like this new rule, making it harder to prevent platoons withdrawing without giving away a VP- alas Jamie rolled well and denied me the point).

 The Tiger had two Valentine targets and destroyed them both and once again I failed a company (platoon) morale test and broke 2 from 2!
 Jamie brought back his transports and the the last T70s were taken out of the 37mm half tracks and tiger- not point delaying the inevitable as I tried to get a very unlikely point.

6-1 to Jamie.
My objective placement was a biggie in this one but Jamie did everything right and blunted my attacks- which were a bit disjointed. Again not overly impressed by the Vals lack of ability vs dug in guns/ infantry- or their movement! The new transport rules were good to see in practice- even if I was on the receiving end!

Well played Jamie, not an esasy table to defend on and you did it effectively and efficiently- next time I'll place to objectives further apart and make defending harder.

I've played this one twice now and really like it.


  1. Yikes - looking at that pic, it would have been an uphill battle defending two spread obj with an 1100pt force - given that river cutting through the middle of the board like that. Not least because the crossing points are all pretty much in 'enemy territory'. I guess I am lucky you were sporting and put them both on one side of that river!

    Good game as always, Craig.

  2. I was worried about trying to dig your infantry out of buildings but at 1100 pts stretching you was the way it should have been played. One look at the deployment photos and I thought: "what was I thinking!"

    I really liked the pak 38/97s in the list- a good option I thought