Monday, April 9, 2012

Ancient Germans- WIP

Saturday's game got me all inspired. So yesterday I rebased some of my Warlord Games Celts to add to my small German horde. Now I must admit I'm not sure about the WG plastics- they are nicely sculpted but there are a couple of silly poses- "look at me I'm having a dump." But in their favour they are cheap and well sculpted/proportioned so make for good filler. However, I want hairer/ more wild looking Germans for the horde so have ordered some Black Tree Design- and hope that they fit size wise, they look suitably barbaric!

I am really happy with the bases- I want to give the horde the feel of being in a wild, swampy region and so have used wood varnish to add "marsh" to the bases and like the way it looks. The figures are still being worked on- I need to repaint lots of the sheilds to make them more Germanic in appearance- geometric designs etc.

For the rear unit of "Large Warbands" I've added a base with only 3-4 figures to make it easier for me to tell which bases are the large warband as opposed to "normal" warband. The ones with only 3 bases look too sparse though so once I get some more figures will add another figure to these bases. 

 These shots gives a good look at the swamp effect.

 I am aiming at the following 400 pts Batavi  army
 Command: Poor
First Command (TVD: 25/13)
  • Average Commander (+2) 
  • 3x FL Elite Warriors (large)- one with general
  • 2x FL Warriors
  • 2x FL Macemen
  • 4x S Javelins
Second Command (TVD: 22/12)
  • Average Commander (+2)
  • 4x CM Cavalry with hundreds (incl general)
  • 2x FL Warriors (large)
  • 2x S Javelins
At 500 pts I simply add a third command (TVD: 18/9):
  • Poor Commander1
  • 1x FL elite warriors (large)- general
  • 2x FL warriors (large)
  • 2x S Javelins (taken from the first command- reducing its VDU to 23/12)
My rationale for this army including several standard sized warband units is for flexibility purposes- the smaller warband are more manoeuvrable so their role will be to protect the flanks and possibly work as “judder bars” to take the initial impact before hitting the main line of Romans. We will see if my ideas work in practice soon.

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