Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ancient Germans- Almost finished

I have a stand of macemen and another 2 stands of skirmishers to paint up this week but apart from that the Ancient Germans are done and ready for action. I really like the Black Tree Design figures and intend to add some more.

At present the army consists of:

6x large units of warband (elite)- the rear rank have 4 figs per base to help me identify them easier)
4x regular warband
1x macemen
4x skirmishers (javelins)
2x Medium Cavalry

While away on holiday I painted up the Spanish Scutari (4 bases), Carthaginian Cavalry (2 bases) and Spanish light Cavalry (3 bases) for the Carthaginian army but they are not based up yet and I'm awating some LBM Studio transfers for the shields to finish them off.

My Aventine Republican Roman's have turned up so they may be the next project- the figures look outstanding. Kent too is starting Carthaginans and Republican Romans as his next project so sometime in the near future we''ll have them done and get some battles in.

Next Sunday is Tempest in CHCH, its earlier this year than in the past (it's usually been held in July) and includes a one day, 4 round FoW comp- 1100pts midwar. Most players seem to be focusing on some form of light tanks. I was temtped to take  a Carri company but don't have enough carri for a wole company so have decided to take a Soviet Conscript Tankovy - with T70s and T34s. I'm just deciding between some Valentines or SU 122s as my final support choice. This force will also be the core for me Southcon force-although I'm seriously tempted to take the Cossacks I ran in 2008 updated to the new Ostfront format- we will see closer to the time which way I end up going. Bedecon this year is themed on the Ostfront in the winter of '44 with 30 players confirmed (and it isn't until October!) I'm down as a Soviet player and decided at the last one I was going to run my cossacks so taking them to Southcon would be a good opportunity to get used to the new rules- but that's a long way down the track.  

Tempest should be a lot of fun next weekend. I've been meaning to get some games of 3E in but just haven't had time (and I've ben having too much fun with Impetvs) so I'll be using the weekend as an opportunity to learn the new rules (and unlearn the old ones).



  1. they are looking real great Craig should make for a fun game

  2. They are looking forward to becoming Legionnaire fodder


  3. Very nice work Craig. Well done.

  4. That's a very impressive German army - it will make a most imposing site on the table!